Prayers, Puppies and Post-Op Woes

Day 1 of my new journey. . . a trip to the dermatologist! I have an infected cyst on my leg. This may be linked to the tick bite I received a couple of weeks ago that produced a somewhat unsightly “bullseye” shaped rash. Although I am on a 3 week round of antibiotics, it seems that bacteria such as Staph are great opportunists. They will prey upon you and find your weakest spots, which include a pre-existing cyst that was extremely minor and minding it’s own business, UNTIL now! So, I get to add yet another antibiotic to my regimen; yes, another, that is also to be taken twice a day, and for 10 days. Ugh! I think that the amount of meds I take is absolutely ridiculous, and actually produces a chuckle when I think about it. We will have to wait and see how I react to the antibiotics and keep a close eye on my cyst. It turns out that it is not in a good place for surgical removal, due to a lot of nerves being nearby, so we will hope the 2 antibiotics work well together!

This is an exciting journey, isn’t it? And this is actually uncharted territory for me today. I have never been to this particular doctor’s office before and I have never had a cyst of this kind, infected at that, before.

Aside from health issues, other uncharted lands that I explored today. . .
Ah, the land of puppy training, it is truly a land of mixed terrain! Our sweet and precious puppy peed on my bed tonight! Ack! I had to scream into the bed, just to get it out, because now I not only have to clean the duvet cover, but also the comforter inside, which will need to be washed somewhere with really big washers and dryers.
(P.S. Also, I find this particularly annoying because I have a strange thing about the weight of the covers on me at night, I like to feel like I have a good amount surrounding me while I sleep, and I will not be able to achieve this feeling without my comforter)

Okay, now all jokes and sarcasm aside, I am in a state of mourning. My beautiful daughter Isabel had surgery last week and had her tonsils and adenoids removed. I did read the night before the surgery, on some web-site or blog, that a child recovering from this sugery may have a change in voice for quite some time post-op. Well, it is true, and I miss my baby girl’s voice! She has a bit of a more nasal sound to her voice, probably from the inflammation and she seems to even be enunciating her words differently. It really tugs at my heart when I hear her talk because it is not the voice that I am so used to hearing and have LOVED so much for the last 8+ years. I pray that God will restore her voice soon, as it was before the surgery, because it was so precious to me.

My day is done, at midnight, and I am going to turn in and try to wrap my mind around all of the precious people in need of prayer and help. It seems the need is so great and my mind is so small. I think I need to keep a notepad next to bed with a list of names and their need to refer to.

Don’t forget to say your prayers!

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