Mental Training

It seems that the weather is turbulent in my world. I have a restless heart, a mind that rarely falls upon still waters, but makes waves in the midst of calm. I can only attribute this bad habit to lies I have learned to live by.

Oh the lies!

Most will not admit to them, the lies that control our thoughts and behaviors. I think we must all have at least one or two that has some grip on us. The most troublesome for me are the ones such as “You aren’t good enough, “You will never achieve your potential”; that last one really stings, actually they all do. They can be truly paralyzing thoughts and lies that I believe the enemy has cunningly found ways to burn into my brain. Just like any burn, it can be healed and I can find my way to new truths, the ones that Jesus would have me believe. Most burns leave scars, which means that if I believe these to be “burnt” into my brain, I may have to wrestle with them for many times over, but ultimately, God is so great and so big that He can completely heal me. He is also so great that He gives us the opportunity to work at healing our wounds, with His help. He doesn’t just hand us a “you’re healed” card and then we are free, at least it seems not most times. He does hand us a “you’re forgiven card” which is truly AWESOME!

Even though I wish the lies would just disappear, it isn’t possible for me to find and truly come to believe my real identity in Christ without having to do the work. Some days I think that really stinks, some days I can appreciate the beauty in it. He is always there, and He lets us fall, allows us to pull ourselves back up again, but without knowing it He might brush the dust off of our knees, or allow us to rest on Him for a while as we collect ourselves again. He is always there.

So I find myself needing to relearn, rewire my brain, retrain my thoughts. Not an easy task. Not a new concept for me. I will try to keep you posted on how it goes!

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