A Voice to Our Pain

I feel utterly blessed and in utter disgust all at the same time right now. I have come to make the acquaintance of a beautiful woman who has eloquently put into words an issue that is of the utmost importance and needs to be given mandatory attention in the medical community. The blessing is in the acquaintance and the eloquence, the disgust is from the issue that affects me all too personally.

The issue is Chronic Pain and the ignorance of caregivers in regard to the severity of its consequences and the need for proper treatment. My new friend has shared her frustration and a story related to this issue in the following link: http://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2028394%3ABlogPost%3A30396. Please read this. Please pass this on.

The main focus of the issue at hand is how chronic pain is often disregarded at hospitals, by physicians, by caregivers, family members, etc. This leads to complete alienation of the person experiencing pain and in all too many cases, death. As a chronic pain sufferer, and as a survivor of a past suicide attempt, this hits home, this hits right here at my home, and it might hit yours, too. I am making a decision in this moment to become more active in the fight to gain respect for chronic pain sufferers in our communities. I am making a decision right now to help advocate for people like myself who do not need to be told that it “is all in your head” but need real and true pain relief as well as help finding out the cause of the pain. I am deciding today to do whatever I can to help fellow sufferers from becoming victims of their pain to the point that they, like I once did, want to end their very own lives. It is intolerable to allow our medical community to dismiss patients because they “could be” a drug seeker. It is against the Hippocratic Oath.

I want to thank Ellen for her writing and for the link to a story written by a young woman named Carla, who at the age of 29, recently succeeded in taking her own life because no one paid attention to her pain. We must find a way to help those suffering and we need to come together in order to do this.

Please read the story that I linked here, please read the story linked in Ellen’s blog post to Carla’s story, and please share this message!

God bless.

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