In the Company of Friends

It is always so bittersweet to know that there are others that understand how you feel because they too have the same health issues or challenges that you do. I appreciate meeting other people so much that can truly relate to the obstacles that I and others who deal with chronic pain face. It is sad, though, too, to know that the person you relate to suffers. But, I thank God for these people because having friends who truly understand is so important! I think the greatest thing we can do for each other must be to say “I get it. You are not alone” but also to cheer each other on and to help each other find ways of coping and keeping optimistic. I found myself in the past having little pity parties, it is even more fun when you have someone to “party” with, but I think we have to be careful and again, find that balance, between feeling sorry for ourselves and being compassionate.

Awaking today, I found a comment for this blog. It brought a great smile to my face to know that someone “out there” read my post and understands how I feel. I want to encourage anybody and everybody to come together with each other and share each others pain. Let’s pray for one another. Let’s help lift each other up when we feel alone, isolated, depressed or hopeless. This is so important.

I have found a great resource in a couple of websites that offer a lot of wonderful fellowship. One is called Rest Ministries and from there I have found more companionship through Living Whole with Chronic Pain Network, and Living Organic the Non-Toxic Way. All of these sites and networks are places that I have found tremendous support and encouragement. I will try to add links to these places, as soon as I figure out how to!

At any rate, for anyone dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, illness, etc. it is always nice to know when we are “in the company of friends”!

written on 7.4.08

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