To Those Who Suffer From Chronic Pain

Let me start this blog by introducing myself and letting you know what I hope to provide here. I am a woman, named Amy, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I developed the symptoms after my second pregnancy which ended in May of 2005 with the birth of my son. It took me a relatively short time to be diagnosed compared to most, and I received the diagnosis in August of 2006. To me, this diagnosis was a death sentence, but rest-assured, it isn’t. I am obviously alive and well writing this for you. Yes, I am writing this for you, for any person struggling with chronic pain of any kind, emotional or physical. I am on a journey of discovery, traveling through the muck and mire of chronic pain and searching for coping strategies, pain relief techniques, and faith building fellowship with others who suffer in a similar fashion to me. I am learning that there are so many things in the world out there to help. The key is to try them, discover what works for you, and make healthy decisions for yourself. Of coarse, we all have to be a little skeptical of the so-called quick-fixes and gimmicks out in our world and communities, so I hope that I will be able to help dispel myths and let you know when I find out about unhealthy options you should avoid. As I continue to post, I will reveal more about myself and what I contend with as a result of chronic pain. I will offer an insight into my world that you might be able to relate with as a Christian, mother, wife, friend and person facing the challenges that I have been given. I see that my challenges can be an opportunity for amazing growth and opportunity for education, but I didn’t always feel this way and I don’t feel this way every single moment or day, just so you know! I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey and that we will learn together about the many ways we can healthfully live with chronic pain! (and all of the lovely things that come with it; for example: depression, fatigue, anxiety, relationship issues, loneliness, isolation; you understand, I’m sure) May God Bless us on our journey together!

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