Dig A Little Deeper

I have found myself in a place of new challenges lately. I firmly believe that God allows trials in our life so that we can grow. When I am worn out, I rest in the knowledge that His plans for me are for good. In this recent journey I find myself having to dig really deep into my spirit for the courage and strength needed to press on. It is in that deep place that I find myself running into the Lord!

Picture a woman with a shovel turning over the earth and digging a hole. I turn over the earth like I turn over the thoughts in my mind and come to find the truths that I am searching for. My shovel hits something hard, that hard object is the truth and knowledge that “I am strong enough”. I am not strong on my own though, it is only with God’s help that I can do it.

Each day, as I face a new challenge or maybe it is a familiar challenge, but that I have to face it again; I get out my shovel and dig a little deeper.  Each day I uncover a new truth or discover a reminder of a truth I may have seen before. Each day I come a bit closer to the Lord and grow in my understanding of Him and His love for me.  Each day I just have to dig a little deeper.

written 10.14.08

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