Making a Choice

I find myself in that all too familiar place of pain and fatigue, wanting to retreat to bed, but knowing that my children are counting on me to make the day a good one. Days like these, which are just too common, are days when I have to pick a time and just decide. I have to decide if I am going to move past the pain or through it or in spite of it and just get on with living. Do you relate?

It is a choice sometimes. Not all days are we in that limbo land. Not all days is it even remotely possible to move through it or past it, but some days it just comes down to a choice.

I am deciding that when I am done with this post I am going to go upstairs and get myself together and take the kids to go play at my mom’s house and her community pool. It isn’t a grand adventure, but for us it is a lot better than sitting at home all day. We all need a change of scenery and some interaction with other people. Can I get an “Amen”?

I am blessed to be having this kind of day, where I can make the choice. I am blessed that God is allowing me to feel His strength in me so that I can choose to live despite the pain and fatigue. There are days where I feel a massively heavy ball and chain have linked me to the bed or couch and getting into the shower feels insurmountable. . .but praise God this is not one of them.

Choices. . .aren’t we faced with so many? I could write a lot more about all of the choices I am confronted with lately. But on the forefront of my mind is how important it is to choose to make things as good as possible! That can take a lot of energy. . .and it may just mean that we try to smile that day, even if that is all we can do to make things better.

Sometimes being confronted with choices seems to be such a burden, but I think it is a good thing after all.

written 7.25.08

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