Growing Pains

I am sure that this isn’t any new information for anyone, that it can hurt to grow. . .

My 9 year old daughter often complains of aching legs at night, a feeling I often call “growing pains” and let her know that I, too, felt those pains when I was her age and growing. Truth be told, I still feel all kinds of growing pains.

For example, the pain in my gut when I realize how important it is that I give up my favorite foods and/or drinks in order to really achieve better health. (and I do mean this is a painful realization) Or the pain I experience deep inside my heart, as I understand how my past actions have affected my loved ones and even my children in ways that only God can change for the better. How about the pain we feel when we have to tell our children that we cannot go out to a movie or get a new toy they have been wanting because Daddy doesn’t have a job and we can’t afford it right now? This is down right painful, but it is an opportunity for growth, too, an opportunity to explain what priorities are, and money management, and how to rely on God in times of trouble. It is an opportunity to learn new ways of trusting the Lord and acknowledging our blessings.

I can take this even further, forgive me as I do this, but what about in a marriage? Doesn’t it seem that there must be a painful, sometimes excruciating, episode or crisis before you are able to draw closer to your spouse or someone you have a significant relationship with? And maybe our country or even our world is in the midst of experiencing it’s own type of growing pains. The job losses, the foreclosures, the bankruptcies, how they are hurting so many, myself included . . . but I pray that there will come a day when we can be retrospective and learn from what we are currently experiencing, that there will be growth.

These pains, these times of struggle, I believe are really growing pains; pains that will subside or be reduced after the growth has been completed. And then we know that more are to come, but also to savor the moments in between!

“I began to have an idea of my life, not as slow shaping of achievement to fit my preconceived purposes, but as the gradual discovery and growth of a purpose which I did not know” -Joanna Field

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