Offering Hope

What do you get when you combine an Australian journalist/advocate/educator with an American stay-at-home mom with Fibromyalgia learning to live a beautiful life in the midst of Chronic Pain and Illness?

Two people who care deeply for mental health issues, the stigma surrounding these issues and the desire to provide hope for those who suffer.

You also get our first candid and heartfelt “interview” together discussing topics such as the above mentioned, along with suicide prevention, depression, chronic pain (fibromyalgia) and post-traumatic stress disorder to name a few. It’s a short talk (about 20 minutes), where you will learn about our own personal struggles with these issues and our passion for shedding light on these topics.

Please take the time to listen and share with anyone you think might be helped by this information, just click on the highlighted link above (the words “our first candid and heartfelt interview”). It is a gift to be able to share our stories, our ambition to help others, and to offer hope and light to anyone who might be suffering with any of these issues.

Please note:

Tony Serve (conducting the interview) is a brilliant professional journalist, advocate and educator. You can find him at, as well as by the name “perthtones” on twitter.

The chronic pain support group that I mention during the interview is : Living Whole with Chronic Pain Network and can be found at

The walk that I will be participating in this summer in Chicago, Illinois is called the Out of the Darkness Overnight, for more information on the walk please go to

Also mentioned is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, There you will find an abundance of information, including resources for prevention, for survivors who have lost loved ones to suicide, statistics, and information about the studies they are conducting.

2 thoughts on “Offering Hope

    • Ellen, I don’t know that I will actually be able to walk all 18 miles, but I am going to do whatever I am able. Thanks for posting this on WEGO and for your kindness, always!

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