Have I Told You Yet?

I guess it’s time to announce it, if you didn’t know it already. . .

I have officially registered to walk in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk in Chicago.

So what’s the big deal? Well, you might recall that I have fibromyalgia . . . and then you might need to know that this walk is long. It is truly over-night. It starts at sundown and continues until sun-up and spans approximately 20 miles. Second of all, this is for one of the most important causes that I know of. We’re talking about saving lives and preventing people from taking their own.

We’re talking about a subject that is so hard for people to talk about! Truly, do you know many people that talk about this subject? Maybe if you work in the mental health community, but otherwise, no, because it is hard. There is so much pain involved in this topic and there is also a lot of grief and loss attached to it as well.

For me, though, it is about a new lease on life. I have been given an opportunity to help support and bring awareness to this topic, only because I have survived my own suicide attempts.

So, here I am, maybe not the most unfit looking person in the universe, but probably one of the most unfit people, for walking 20 miles at once, that is. But, I have began a slow and steady course towards being more fit, and I pray, with God’s grace, that I will be able to walk this walk in it’s entirety. No matter what it does to me, it will be worth it!

A fellow walker,  who I met on Twitter, and I have teamed up to create Team Endure and we invite any and everybody to join us on our team and join us in our adventure! We are so hoping to meet some of the people that we “twitter” with and who also have a passion for this cause. If you want to join us, you can visit our team page and join us in our efforts! Further down on that same page you can click on a team member name if you would like to donate to our fundraising efforts! My teammate has already raised nearly her whole $1000 dollar goal! And, I have raised just a tiny bit (thanks Dannette!) . . . but I just registered a couple days ago, so don’t feel bad for me.

We are on our way to helping others avoid the devastating experience of losing a loved one to suicide and helping others avoid the darkest pit of them all . . .  depression so deep that you attempt to take your own life. I know what it feels like and I want desperately to be a part of this movement to save lives by promoting suicide prevention and awareness.

If you can donate, great!

If you can join us, great!

If you can’t do any of the above that is completely okay,  but I ask that you please pray for Team Endure, or send us happy thoughts, or whatever you can do, to help us be a successful part of this event!

Thank you for reading this post and sharing in my excitement!

7 thoughts on “Have I Told You Yet?

  1. That’s awesome, and as someone who made a serious attempt 20 years ago this December, I think it’s a fabulous cause. I wish you much success in helping others by doing this, and also in taking care of yourself.

    • Thank you so much for sharing and for your encouragement! Great to hear from you here on my blog!

    • Thank you Allison, for your thoughts and prayers. The intensity of the depression waxes and wanes right now as I struggling with some difficult circumstances and challenges right now. I appreciate your care and concern so very much.
      Blessings for you,

  2. Okay first I want to say that it is very cool that you know another Dannette – spelled the same way – and that she was the first to donate to you. I am going to be the second!

    What a great thing you are undertaking. I can’t imagine walking 20 miles but I understand your driving passion and I hope and pray that Fibromyalgia stays away that day.

    I have experienced sadness, but I have never been severely depressed, so I feel like the only way I can contribute to this cause is monetarily and as a cheerleader for you. I am proud of you, the community you have created online and the passion you put into your beliefs. I hope this walk gives you peace.

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