The Stories We Share

I am lost in my own story at the moment, unsure of where I left off last, but certain you are aware that I am climbing up a proverbial mountain at this time in my life. I am on a constant search for healing and consider myself a permanent student in this huge classroom called life. As I strive to learn more about what will work best to bring me peace and healing, I am blessed to come across amazing and beautiful people who share their stories and what has in the past or what is working for them, as they are on a similar path of healing and seeking wellness. I couldn’t begin to recount all of the people and their journeys that have helped me, but one in particular is having an incredibly helpful impact on my life right now.

I have mentioned him before in my blog, and I don’t hesitate to again, his name is Tony Serve. His caring ways and gentle words give me a sense that I am safe, and I feel confident in saying  he does that for most who speak with him. If you listen to Tony on the radio you quickly find that all who speak with him hold him in high regard, and it goes both ways. His voice is filled with compassion and concern, and I imagine, if I were to have the privilege of meeting him in person, his presence would be a comfort as well.

Tony is kind enough to share his previous battle with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, with the public, on air and through his blog. By doing this, he reminds others that they are not alone and he is able to give the gift of wisdom that comes from his experience with different therapies and techniques that have been helpful in his process of healing. It is in a particular blog post of his, “Brain Training, Plasticity and You” that I have come to realize that there are some very good and helpful resources I have not made full use of and would like to implement in my life.

Ironic as it is, when I originally read this particular blog post of Tony’s not all that long ago, I was feeling a bit more at peace in my life and commented on his post as to how I felt that way. Now as I revisit his blog, I realize that this journey is ever-changing and in many ways infinite. My efforts to be whole and healthy must be ongoing and will not ever be complete. It is easy for a bump in the road or a new challenge to arise and then to feel as if we have lost all of our bearings. It is easy to feel as if the “rug has been pulled out from under you” when you battle with some of these issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and such.

But there is good news! In the stories we share, in our testimonies of what is working for us, helping us, and even not helping, we are able to learn from one another and help one another along this sometimes (very) rocky road of healing. If one does not make themselves vulnerable, then one cannot experience the joy that come from sharing one’s heart with another. It is by doing this that all of us can make a difference in another person’s life. It is by doing this that Tony Serve is making a difference in mine.

Tony Serve’s blog can be found by going to Please visit the post I spoke of earlier by clicking here and please share your stories with Tony, with the world, with me, and with others who are challenged by similar issues, so that we can all learn from and help one another!

2 thoughts on “The Stories We Share

  1. Hey, Amy –

    I love your blog. Thank you for writing about this stuff, and doing it so well.

    God bless you,

    Wanda Sanchez

  2. WOW! Brain Training and Plasticity is something I learned about 4 years ago on PBS! The had a small series on it and I could not get enough of it! FASCINATING! So fascinating! And VERY, very, very important in the process of Living Whole with Chronic Pain.

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