A Bird for You!

I have been inspired to take my efforts and desire to be a part of The Overnight to a new level!

As you may already know, the concept of suicide prevention is very near and dear to me. I have  a tender heart towards the mental health community and just about all aspects of it. And yes, it is widely because it affects me personally.

I have contended with the “black dog” of depression and it’s continuous bite since a very young age. I fight daily to make healthier choices and to live a more beautiful life despite the mental health issues of depression, anxiety, ptsd, etc. I don’t always doing well, but I am still doing it. Having suffered from depression for so many years, it has led me down an often dark and dreary path. That path has led me to a place where I have attempted to take my own life on a couple of different occasions. The pain and despair that I have visited there, I wish for no one. The loss of a loved one to suicide, I wish for no one. (I also, have lost a family member to suicide)

I believe that it is possible to reduce the staggering statistics, a person dies by suicide once every 16 minutes in the United States (www.afsp.org), by spreading awareness and talking about this issue. This is why I care and I why I want to be a part of The Overnight at the end of this month. I want to help this cause, and help to save others from pain.

If you follow the link provided for The Overnight you will find out just how cool and powerful this event is. Also, it is a special challenge to me because I will be walking with the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia with me as well. This walk will not be easy and getting there is proving to be no easy task as well! I need to raise $1000 in order to fulfill my commitment to the walk and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (so far I have raised $281). I also need to purchase a plane ticket and make arrangements for hotel accommodations. These are not difficult arrangements to make, but the logistics are challenging financially and for my family. The walk is quickly approaching (June 27th) and I am praying for God’s hand and yours to help me to be a part of this event and the amazing efforts that are taking place to bring dignity to those who suffer as a result of this issue, as well as helping to save the lives of those who might attempt to take their life in the future.

In my effort to show my enthusiasm, and as symbol of gratitude to the friends and “family” I have on twitter, I have decided that I will get a permanent tattoo in the likeness of the twitter bird, if I reach my goal due to the help and participation of you, those who “follow” me or know me as a result of twitter. IF, one particular individual has the means and desire to fund the entire last portion of what is needed to meet my goal (approx $720 as of now), I will gladly allow that individual to pick the placement of the tattoo, all within reason, of coarse (no tattoos on my forehead, face, or places otherwise known as “private”).

I will be the one to decide the size of the tattoo and the exact design of the tattoo itself. I will post pictures and possibly some video as I get the tattoo, so that all will have an opportunity to see! I will also be “twittering” from The Overnight and bringing the experience to you in as many ways as I can. I feel that this goal is most certainly attainable, but I do need your help. I can’t do this without you!

To help me and to visit my fundraising page just go to this link: http://www.tinyurl.com/nomoredark.

What fun it would be to do this together, as a community in support of such a great cause!

(I have to say, that I have already received several generous and kind donations from friends on twitter, I am inspired and in awe of the kindness and generosity I see there daily. I have also been the recipient of “airtime” via @scooprandell and @perthtones to promote the walk. Thank You so much for your support!)


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