Good Born from Bad

It seems to be a rule more than the exception, although it is often hard to see. Good things are so often born from bad. We receive devastating news of a death or illness and we can’t imagine how life could ever feel normal again. We might be in an accident and it seems our life will never be okay as we suffer pain and new limitations. We make poor choices that lead to tough consequences and we feel hopeless for the future.

But often, around the bend, maybe it is weeks or months or sometimes even years, something beautiful comes about in our life as an obvious and direct result of the “bad”.

I’m sure you have experienced this before. But it seems when we are in the midst of the challenge or facing the tough circumstances in our life, it is very hard to see the potential for good or even care for that matter, as we are suffering at that time. I often find myself wondering “how” and “why” when things are feeling insurmountable or overwhelming. But when a truly good thing comes about, and I can link it to the “bad thing”, it is like a symbol of rebirth. It reminds me that God is all about bringing the beauty out of the dark. And it is important for me to recognize it, for these things, these symbols, can go all too easily unrecognized.

As a person who has attempted to take my own life in the past, it would be obvious that the despair and darkness surrounding an incident like that would be negative, but there is one beautiful thing in my life today, and in fact there are many, that has come from surviving and is quite evident that it is directly linked to it. That beautiful thing is a new friendship.

This friendship is with a friend I have met on twitter and her name is Nora. She and I met because of our participation in the upcoming Out of the Darkness Overnight walk. Our paths have crossed and somehow we have connected and begun a special friendship. We share two different sides of the same coin. Nora has lost a very close and best friend to suicide and I have been one who has attempted suicide. We share a shift in perspective and a passion for a cause, we share pain and we share a love for others, as we both want the pain to stop for our loved ones, for ourselves,  and for all whose lives are affected by the devastation that the issue of suicide brings with it. It is an amazing gift, in the midst of something “bad”.

Nora has done an amazing work in her fundraising efforts (largely through support of others on twitter) and I encourage you to visit her fundraising page and read about why she is walking in The Overnight. And by all means, support her efforts financially if you are led to or able! You can also visit my fundraising page and read more about why I choose to walk in this event and there is also the option to support my fundraising efforts there as well. (I have a $1000 goal to meet with a handful of days left, any and all support is greatly appreciated!)

We have a common goal, Nora and I, and it is to raise awareness and prevent suicide. We are joined by our desire to heal and to share healing with others. We are joined by grief, loss and tragedy, but we are also joined now by laughter, shared moments, and memories in the making!

I am in awe, again, of how true, pure, and real good, often comes from those things that feel so bad.


10 thoughts on “Good Born from Bad

  1. It truly is beautiful to see the good God can bring from such pain. Thanks for sharing this story!

  2. It’s wonderful that you and Nora have found each other and can support and comfort each other while working towards a common (and very important) cause. I have met some absolutely amazing friends online due to my illnesses and I know good can come out of bad!


  3. These days your blog here is my only means to get updated with what’s been going on with you. I am so glad that God placed you in my heart today to go and check because i almost forgot about your Out of darkness walk.

    I would love to join you but my body wouldn’t last more then a half hour or less nor the trip getting there but i promise that i will be there in sprit and if you would like, i can even call you during the night to see how you are doing on the walk and help you stay awake too. I love you my sweet friend/sister. Thanks for sharing your thoughts above and letting me into your heart with your words.

    We will have to talk later.
    Love –

  4. Great insight. As children of God, we are promised “…that in all things God works for the good of those who love him….” He has plans for each of us (Jer. 29:11), regardless of how dark life can be.

    “Love is only the game that is not called on account of darkness.”
    — M. Hirschfield

    Blessings to you.

  5. I live by this rule too but I call it my “Pollyanna Syndrome” there is good in every bad.

    WW1 mustard gas they found chemotherapy

    I got cancer: I have found computers and made loads of friends via face book and my blog, I have learnt patience and to take life easy

    I could go on but the principal is the same. Its a great rule to live by though because it means you stay positive and so.. you stay on top and that is what life is all about.

    • So true Sara, thank you for sharing with me. You are an inspiration and it is true, through friends and support of others who understand, we can “stay on top”! Lots of well wishes for you, Amy

  6. Amy,

    You are a true inspiration. I love your passion for life, and for Isabel and Jacob.

    Remember that Cancer is a man-made label and nothing more than that. Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves.

    I’m sending postive energy your way. I believe in you.

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