This week has been much like the week after Christmas. All of the build-up and excitement leading to The Out of the Darkness Overnight walk truly was a rush and the event itself was exhilarating and emotion filled, too. Returning home and settling back into “life” has felt a little strange and surreal. I feel as if there is always something I am forgetting to do, as my mind was so often preoccupied with the walk and my fundraising efforts. Now, I am left to wonder where I need to focus and what exactly should I focus on?

If you follow my blog you may recall that I attended a couple of segments of a seminar called BreakThrough in May. It is a four part seminar and the third session is quickly approaching next weekend. I truly believe that going through the BreakThrough experience greatly helped me to have the courage and the ability to draw on my internal strength in order to participate in The Overnight and the events leading up to it. This seminar has already greatly impacted my life, although from the outside, it might not be so obvious.

I am wondering what is in store for me next weekend, but I am filled with hope knowing that the weekend will undoubtedly bring me closer…closer to knowing myself, closer to God, and closer to understanding what I need to do to be a healthy me. I can’t begin to describe what a joyful feeling it is to have hope in my heart.

Hope for me, and I believe for most, is a lifeline. When I lose hope, I so often find myself feeling depressed, discouraged and often in despair. Hope is where it’s at.

So, what do I hope for?  (in general, not just from this seminar)

I hope for continued growth… emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

I hope for health…both mentally and physically.

I hope for more moments filled with inner peace, and less time spent in fear, worry, or shame.

I hope for depth of relationship.

I hope for health in my relationships.

I hope for a sense of security with myself, knowing no matter what circumstances may come my way, I can trust in the person God has created me to be.

I hope for a bright future in which I am an active participant.

There is so much to hope for…so many goals I wish to accomplish and so many adventures waiting for me. It is all too easy to let my mind get the best of me and to allow myself to believe that the hope is a lie. But I must choose to hold on to the hope, to believe in it. I must have faith.

So here I am living in faith, holding on to hope, and learning to love. Faith, Hope, Love. I think this is an okay place to be.

One thought on “Hoping

  1. Amy my dear friend, you inspire hope into all who’s lives you touch ~ bringing light where there was darkness with your strength and determination! Keep that hope and love burning strong! I’m always here for you g/f 🙂

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