Writing in the Dark

Here I am with a new sense of freedom in regards to my blog… I have unchained the shackles of my own words that were limiting me and my scope of writing. I’m free…

So now what?

I’ll probably write about much of the same things you are used to me writing about, because these are the topics that I am passionate about (mental health issues, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, stigma, etc. ) But, now, I also feel open to discussing other issues I care about and a new freedom to share more of myself through my writing.

If you have come to my blog, it is quite possible our paths have crossed on twitter… Since I have been on twitter I have, often late at night, practiced writing in a more creative way…often “tweeting” some short pieces or poems or even haiku. I thought I would compile most of them and take a look at what I have come up with. In doing so I hope to share some here and expand on it as well.

This is one of the first pieces of “creative writing” I posted on twitter:

In The Dark

It’s always in the dark of night that I find my heart seeking it’s missing piece . . .

It’s always in the dark of night that my heart begins to long for you. . .

It’s always in the dark of night that my heart wanders outside of me. . .

And it is in the dark of night, my heart searches without rest, until it finds the piece of you that fits with me.

It seems that the night brings out a different side of me, a side of me that is more contemplative, and a side more easily distracted by thoughts of loneliness and feelings of want and desire… sometimes a desire for understanding, a desire for companionship, a desire to fulfill my dreams. The night can be my time of solace and also my time of torment. I am not afraid of the dark, but at times… in the night, I am fearful.

This is a part of me I am aware of and a part of me that I can more easily express in writing than in spoken communication. In fact, I don’t think I can even begin to make sense of it when I try to express it verbally… but as I write… it all almost makes sense.

In the dark of night I can share.  Here, I can share freely. And so can you, if you like.

One thought on “Writing in the Dark

  1. I’m stunned by the words “I can more easily express in writing than in spoken communication”. My stunned feelings come from some recent dialogue I’ve had with my Lord in regard to my own tendencies toward a stronger expression in written communication vs spoken. For years I’d struggled with feeling inferior to those who seemed to be such strong verbal communicators. However, the Lord has been healing this misperception in me, helping me to see this as a gift, not something to despise in myself. The amazing thing is as I’ve come to accept the gift and use it, I have found that His grace has brought power into the weakness of spoken communication and that has become a place to truly see His glory flow in my broken places. His healing is amazing! Keep writing, Amy. May God bless you on your journey!!

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