Let Me Introduce You

I am so thrilled to share with you a person who I have come to know through twitter, who just so happens to also be an amazing and talented singer/songwriter and an integral part of a band that is at the beginning of their great story of success.

This friend of mine is a handsome young man, with talent and moxie. His name is Damien Cripps of the Damien Cripps Band. Our friendship began the way most friendships do on twitter, through another friend or recommendation of a friend, somehow, one way or another, with the click of a “follow” button our paths crossed. I happen to have a great passion for music, which does not differentiate me from so many of Damien’s “followers” but we connected. Due to our shared love of music, mutual respect for one another, as well as a few mutual acquaintances we became fast friends. Truly in retrospect, I’m not sure where or why we developed the closeness that I feel towards him, but I know now that there are absolutely no reservations on my part about feeling the admiration for him that I do.

Damien has been working long and exhausting hours, with the help of a talented and devoted few (especially Donnette!) to develop more avenues by which the band’s fans can get to know them and their music. He spends many hours on twitter developing and nurturing friendships with fans and friends, promoting their music and presence on other social networking sites. Recently he has embarked on a new and very cool blog to document what the band is up to and to help you get to know them better. This is one place where Damien really stands out. It would be easy to chalk Damien and his band up to just another group of guys who want to “make it” with their music, but at heart, they are so much more than that. Their heart is in it and their ambitions and drive is not all self-serving. They, and from my perspective Damien in particular,  continue to demonstrate a desire to promote, support, and speak out about causes that are important to them and to the world. The new blog has provided a great platform from which Damien can do this and share with his fans, friends and followers his heart.

The most recent post on the Damien Cripps Band blog is in regards to Mental Health Awareness and was manifested from a request for them to perform at an event with mental health awareness as it’s main goal. Damien took this opportunity to address the importance of these issues and bring a personal and heartfelt message to the reader even though Damien himself does not suffer from any mental health issues (that he is aware of!). I find this so admirable as it is much easier for one who is afflicted or has a family member who suffers from these issues to feel the need to speak out, but for someone who does not have that kind of personal connection to feel the need to speak out on the topic shows a depth of character I just can’t help but admire.

This recent blog post, the hard work I know Damien put into it, and the good that it can do,  is just a brilliant show of selflessness. I am honored to be able to call Damien my friend. I applaud his efforts, and I ask that you take the time to read his post, listen to some of their music, and support them in any way that you feel drawn to. There is something quite special here in our world, and his name is Damien Cripps.


7 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You

  1. Hi My sweet friend
    I am just as honored to have made such a great connection with you. The mental health issue was difficult to tackle, i would liken it to someone who has never played a musical instrument trying to write a song on one with no guidance. However it occurred to me that so many people are affected by these issues that i would embrace the challenge as part of my journey in life. I have had some confronting conversations and situation since then. However my view has changed and now i realize that there is not an easy answer and people who suffer sometimes need people who don’t understand. All you need to know is that the smallest gesture can make a huge difference in a persons day. My life would not be the same without Amy and her presence even though we have never met is felt across huge oceans. She knows DCB need her and she knows our ears and arms are always hers to use whenever she wants. Thanks to her and her spirit for being so amazing
    Much love and respect from Australia
    Damien xx

  2. Wow this is an absolutely wonderful post and tribute to Damien & his band…

    You are such an inspiration, Amy. So blessed to have crossed paths with you as well.

    Much love x

    • Nothing fills my heart with more gladness than to know I can shed some positive light into the world. Thank you so much!

  3. Amy, it was though my friendship with Damien I have come to know you as well.
    I am grateful for that … and thanks for such a wonderful tribute to a truly great person, Damien Cripps


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