Pretty Helpful

Color pencilsWhat’s prettier than a smile on the face of a child? I can’t think of anything, (aside from a deep belly laugh from a little one) that warms my heart more.

Going back to school can be hard and it can also be lots of fun. Often, on the first day of school, a child is wearing a big smile, toting their new supplies, new clothes, new backpack. It is a day of “new”. And now, here we are again, it’s that time of year, Back to School! There is a lot of buzz about back-to-school sales, advertisements for all of the school supplies, and in the big discount retailers you see bins full of crayolas and glue for the buying and stocking up. All preparing for the big day ahead…the first day of school!

I remember feeling nervous about going back to school, but always excited, too and always eager to use my new supplies. I do find the crayons, markers and colored pencils awfully attractive, I even contemplate buying some for myself to have, just to play with!

I took my daughter to get school supplies today. We are recycling and reusing a couple of her supplies from last year, and we purchased a new backpack last week. We still managed to spend $50 and that was with a $10 off coupon! I am going to need to pick up some more supplies for my preschooler soon, as well. I can’t imagine what parents do who have several children to buy supplies for.

I am feeling particularly blessed, as just this last Christmas we could not afford to buy presents for our children. Now, things are improved, not perfect, but improved greatly. We have been blessed by help from friends, second chances, answered prayers, and my husband has worked very hard.

So here I am planning and juggling our finances so that my kids have what they need for school and on twitter tonight my attention was brought to a friend of mine’s efforts to help others who need assistance doing just that, providing supplies for their children. This friend of mine is an amazing woman who has a talent for spreading joy! She has created the Spreading Joy Corporation and they have an amazing opportunity to help so many children right now, but they need our help!

I urge you to ponder the idea of sending your children to school without supplies. . . and to consider helping this project. Visit Spreading Joy Corporation and take a quick moment to read about how you can help and what they are doing. I know you will be inspired to help in the spreading of joy!

One thought on “Pretty Helpful

  1. Another beauty. Sometimes we take for granted the ability to buy our children school supplies. There is something magical about beginning a new school year with fresh new supplies. I found crayons magical. The aroma of colorful wax wonders… vehicles of endless possibility. I think I may buy myself a box of 64-colors this year.

    Love, blessings and encouragement to keep your beautiful writing flowing.


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