For the Family & Friends

For The Family And Friends Of A Suicide

As you huddle around the torn silence,
Each by this lonely deed exiled
To a solitary confinement of soul,
May some small glow from what as been lost
Return like the kindness of candlelight.

As your eyes strain to sift
This sudden wall of dark
And no one can say why
In such a forsaken, secret way,
This death was sent for…
May one of the lovely hours
Of memory return
Like a field of ease
Among these graveled days.

May the Angel of Wisdom
Enter this ruin of absence
And guide your minds
To receive this bitter chalice
So that you do not damage yourselves
By attending only at the hungry altar
Of regret and anger and guilt.

May you be given some inkling
That there could be something else at work
And that what to you now seems
Dark, destructive, and forlorn,
Might be a destiny that looks different
From inside the eternal script.

May vision be granted to you
To see this with the yes of providence.
May your loss become a sanctuary
Where new presence will dwell
To refine and enrich
The rest of your life
With courage and compassion.

And may your lost loved one
Enter into the beauty of eternal tranquility,
In that place where there is no more sorrow
Or separation or mourning or tears.

~Author Unknown

4 thoughts on “For the Family & Friends

  1. good heavens that just made me so sad! after a day of processing 70’s photos i was sore but in a good mood, i had to skip to the end of that poem half way thru!! its’ true tho, i hope all suicides in in heaven where there’s no more pain… i don’t believe that suicides go to hell like lots of people say, being mentally sick is no more of a crime than being physically sick and dying… anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, good to see ya babe!! 🙂

  2. This is in O’Donohue’s wonderful book
    To Bless the Space Between Us
    btw. typo 5th stanza 2nd line — not “the yes of providence” but rather “the eyes of providence”
    Thanks for posting this.

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