Feeling Lost

Have you ever heard of people describing non-believers, or those who do not believe in Christ as lost? I am not sure what to think of that term, if it is appropriate at all or not. We are each on different paths, so who is to say who is lost?

In a different light, do you know that feeling of purpose, a feeling of being on the right path, that gives you a sense of knowing, of being in just the right place? I am missing that feeling…I miss that sense of comfort. I miss knowing exactly what I believe in and exactly where I should be. I feel lost.

Feeling lost is so uneasy. There is a type of being lost that can feel like an adventure, but at this moment in time, it doesn’t feel exciting or adventurous, it feels yucky. I am wandering around inside myself, feeling a bit hollow, and searching for something familiar. I am incredibly alone here. I would so enjoy the act of an outstretched hand right now. I call out my name, but all I hear are echos in this cavern. I would like to hear a welcome or a greeting of some kind, something like “I am here.” or “Hello my friend.” But the emptiness is too much, too vast.

It frightens me to feel this alone. It frightens me to question things that usually keep me grounded. And even when I am not questioning lately, I am just not “feeling it”. I want to feel it. I want to know with all of me the things that I can count on, the truths that are ever-present and ever-lasting. Have I gone to some place where it just can not reach me?

Thank God for the drive inside to keep pressing forward. Thank God for the gift of knowing that if I go to bed, tomorrow will probably feel better, at least better enough that I can keep moving forward and continue my search. I am grateful for the gift of being responsible for others, for it gives me so much meaning and reason to put one foot in front of the other, to take a deep breath ( or several) , and to find a way to live the next moment as best as I can. Thank God. At least I know who I want to thank, that I can give thanks to Him and feel sure of that. That feels good.

I may be lost right now. I might not know where I am going. But I will keep moving and sometimes I will just breath and that will be enough…

8 thoughts on “Feeling Lost

  1. From a fellow traveler: we’re never alone. Seek the help of people who know what it’s like. We’re never truly lost; we just lose our way for a while. Ask the angels to help you. to give you a sign. I’m asking them to be there for you right now.
    Get an uplifting book. Draw. Write some more. Never give up! With all my love,

  2. Amy,
    Thanks for posting this. I am going through much the same thing and very much appreciate you on twitter and now your blog too. You are a dear person… thanks for being you, for being real, and for sharing – it helps tremendously.
    🙂 love,

    • Tracy,
      It means so much to me for you to share your thoughts and that my post has helped in some way. We all need to know we are not alone!

  3. Hi Amy,

    I was thinking of writing a post about “only later” – about “hanging in there” when times are uncertain. Those words had floated away from me, until ONLY NOW! that you’ve reminded me of them. (I’m writing them down this time!) I went through an uncertain time (well, let’s call it a decade!) I wish I were kidding. But hang in there…

    In the meantime, please know that your honesty and sincerity have touched me.

    And, btw, (and I meant to mention this before!) my “phase” here in a Phoenix suburb is named…(I will DM you)

    Love, Bonnie

    • Thank you so much Bonnie!
      I have been on this road for so long, sometimes it feels terminal, but then there are breaks, rest stops, times of reprieve that get my by. I know it is a journey and I am learning along the way!
      Much love,

  4. My dear Amy,

    This is the purpose of life – Being lost or feeling lost in exactly the way you describe. It is not a personal crisis. It is an opportunity. Very very few are blessed with this feeling.

    Sages have spent years and sometimes entire lifetimes looking for the answer to Who they are and What is their purpose, Why they’ve been sent here.

    Tackling these metaphysical questions is not easy and it doesn’t give you quick answers, but it sets you on a path. Yes, it is said, it is an unsettling feeling to start with.

    So many (and I mean billion) are born, live and die without ever coming anywhere close to this feeling. They are just so much into looks, eating, sleeping, going through the days chores and finish off after that. Wasted life.

    But know at all times, The Almighty has sent you here and He/She is watching is child every single second. If He/She wished anything different for you, that would have happened – but He/She did not and you are here for a reason. That alone is bliss. He has surrounded you with material, tangible comforts, friends, family,- they are material with which he means you to surge ahead right now until you approach the next phase of life:)

    Love always.

    • Dear Mamta, precious friend you are!
      Thank you for your words of wisdom and kindness. I especially loved “He means you to surge ahead right now until you approach the next phase of life”. Ahhh, how energizing and revitalizing it was to read that!

      I thank you for your faithful friendship and for encouraging me to press forward and yet not be fearful of this process. I do believe that I have an untapped energy inside me, given to us ALL by Him, that I am learning how to access and what to do with it! I am clouded by my own thinking, stress, worries, circumstances, etc. but I will work my way out of that in time.

      Much love to you Mamta!

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