From the past…

Sometimes little stories sneak out of us, sometimes things from our past find a way to eek out and sometimes we shout them out loud for the world to hear. I am doing a little bit of each kind of storytelling in my life. A few months ago I set out to capture a story from the past, a time from my childhood, with written word. I was inspired by the fact that it was Domestic Violence Awareness Month (in October) and by the work that Maggie (@MaggieDammit) does with Violence Unsilenced. The story that seeped out of me turned into a submission to Maggie’s site.

I wrote the piece in October and now my turn has come. My story will be published on Violience Unsilenced this Friday March 5th, 2010. I am joining the ranks of the many other brave and courageous women who have spoken out about domestic violence.

This is not the first time I have spoken or written about some of these issues. Back in the archives of this blog you will likely find some other posts relating to similar subject matter. But this is by far, the most public writing that I have ever done in regards to it. I feel more empowered now, and I am ready to revisit other painful memories and perhaps share them in a similar fashion…for the healing aspect of writing and with the added hope of helping others.

I am also amazed at the timing of things, as my writing will be published, some amazing work around this issue is going currently going on at WEGO Health, where you may know I contribute as a community leader. Another community leader there, SarahLiz, has produced some amazing resources and blog posts about domestic violence. I am also in the midst of helping my daughter’s girl scout troop with a program called “Positive Power” which is all about establishing healthy relationship skills and the prevention of abuse. We are currently working on a collection for items to be donated to local shelters.

Undeniable that the timing is perfect in my life for this piece of writing  to go “live”. I would be honored if you would visit the Violence Unsilenced site to read my submission, (this Friday the 5th-titled “Amy”) and also to pay homage to the many precious souls who have spoken out there before me.

I Spoke Out

7 thoughts on “From the past…

  1. When I posted at VU I was scared, upset, and then something happened and I decided through comments of others that I wasn’t going to let this own me anymore. Without VU I would probably blame myself-even though I knew it wasn’t.

    Thank you for having the courage to speak out. I look forward to supporting you on Friday.


  2. Kudos for your transparency & bravery to go forth in the interest of helping those who may believe there is no way out. Your the epitome of kindness and strong survivability. I hold such admiration for all you do and am so proud of you.


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