Let it fly…

Sometimes you just have to let it fly… let your guard down, your inhibitions go, let the true you shine through, even if it isn’t polished and just how you would like it to be. That’s what I did with this painting. You can’t see very well the detail in this photo…but even if you could, you would see my mistakes and the many places I could have done a much better job. Still, what I think you get from this painting is my vision, my essence, and that is what matters.

I love this painting. It is not going in any galleries. But if you could see the play of colors, the vibrant blues and the depths of the greens and yellows…how the words HOPE and LOVE stand out so beautifully in red, I think you would love it too. The bird represents the wings, the wings of love where hope can rest, and also an element of playfulness and freedom that I just want to roll in.

So let it fly… think …how can you let loose today? Be you and know that you are wonderful just as you are.

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