In the Calm

I am in the “calm before the storm”, or perhaps I am in the “eye of a tornado”. Whichever way I describe it, I think you get the sense that there is a lot of chaos going on around me. My life has felt very turbulent for some time now, but what is most interesting is that not only am I in the calm before the storm but I am the calm. Facing many impending personal tragedies (or potential triumphs), I am not frantic, panic stricken or working up too much of a frenzy. This amazes me.

I have been, and continue to be on, a slow path to stillness, calm, and serenity. I have not arrived. But here in the midst of this, I can feel it and see the progression, like a movie in my mind, of my travels on this path that allows me now to sit here…calmly. I remember clearly a time when my luggage was lost. This must have been 10 to 12 years ago. I was truly a bit frantic, but I handled it in a better fashion than I had handled things like it previously in my life. Lost luggage is a real button pusher, but I remember that moment and that I felt good that I did not let the situation overwhelm me. That situation was small potatoes compared to the things I face today, but there are perfect parallels in the circumstances.

Today I can choose to “lose it”, to panic, to “freak out”, or I can be still and wait. I don’t mean to just sit and wait for bad things to happen, but I don’t have to sit in fear or frenzy. The things that are beyond my control are going to continue to stay beyond my control, so why not do my best to continue soaking up the sunshine, to feel the Spring breeze on my face and enjoy the laughter of my children?

It’s remarkable how something so seemingly simple or a concept that I have heard many times before suddenly awakens in me at a certain moment in my life…like now.

I can be the calm. I can choose it and I can claim it. Will you?

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