A New Way to Share My Voice

This is my first, very novice, effort to share my voice with you via video. I hope through the video you will get to know me better and that I will offer a voice of understanding and hope for those who face similar struggles.

As it is Mental Health Month (#mhm2010 on Twitter) I want to encourage others to share their struggles and challenges and to know that the more we share together, the more we chip away at the barriers of stigma.

5 thoughts on “A New Way to Share My Voice

  1. I write anonymously. You are pretty damn courageous. Thanks. I don’t know if I’m going to write anonymously for much longer.

    • It means so very much to me to have your comment and to know that my efforts may inspire others somehow. Thank You!

  2. Amy, you continue to inspire me and a growing band of others, probably unaware of how much it means to us that you share your warm spirit.

    Your video puts your lovely face, even showing your pain, as THE human face of all of us who for too long have suffered in silence and felt alone.

    Your work with WEGO health, MHSMchat, the Overnight walk and other is outstanding. I and many others would love to see you continue your inspiring advocacy.

    Please put a Donate button on this blog so we can help pay for materials and at least a little of the time and love you share for us.

    Let me know if you don’t have a friend to code it for you and I’ll ask for a volunteer. It links to your Paypal acct and allows pay in 🙂

    You may not be a registered charity, but I and others would be delighted to chip in a bit to cover at least some of your costs.

    This is support I’m suggesting, not charity, and no amount of money cold repay your longstanding and ongoing commitment to lighting the way and lightening the load for those who follow.

    Huge loving hugs to you and the family from me and mine…by the way you’re turning into quite the Geek as a video poster.

    long may you run Amy Kiel – we’ll try to keep up 😉

    tony serve

  3. Amy,

    Excellent! Once I made my first video, there was no turning back. Now, I have my own little YouTube channel. 😉 I think it’s awesome that you did a “come as you are” type video with no makeup and plenty of “real”. Good job!!


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