Promoting PPD (Postpartum Depression) Awareness

Back in May, I wrote a blog post on WEGO Health about Postpartum Depression (PPD) called “PPD: More than an Afterthought“. I wrote this post as my effort to bring more awareness to this issue and to share some of my own personal experience with it. I felt very moved by Postpartum Progress to contribute something, to do my part. Of coarse, one blog post isn’t enough, and it doesn’t stop there. My activism for mental health issues is ongoing, as you likely know. I am proud of this post I wrote though, and I hope you will take a moment to read it. As I do with most of my writing, I share my heart and my passion for helping others.

Over at Postpartum Progress they are asking for nominations for the Top 10 Perinatal Depression/Anxiety Writers of 2010. If you feel moved by my piece of writing, I would be most delighted, humbled and grateful if you would consider nominating me for this prestigious award. It may be an award of nothing more than a badge, but coming from Postpartum Progress it would be such a badge of honor!

I seek to reach a larger community of people who struggle with mental health issues, and bringing attention to this post could potentially help another struggling mom, even if simply to know that she is not alone. That is what Postpartum Progress does every day, they help people, create change and bring about awareness of this very important health topic. My hope is that I do the same in my own small way.

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