It’s About You: World Suicide Prevention Day

It’s arrived, it’s World Suicide Prevention Day, and I’m glad, I’m pleased. It’s a good thing that so many organizations are making a big deal out of this important topic. It matters. All of the efforts matter. Your participation matters.

But I’m sitting here thinking… what about tomorrow? What happens on September 11, 2010, the day after World Suicide Prevention Day?

I am blessed to know a lot of amazing people who will continue to make this cause a priority in their life, but why, what is underneath it all? Why are we doing this and why should we continue?

It’s not about the statistics, which are plenty. It’s not about one particular age group or demographic. It’s about you.

You may not ever experience a day in your life where you would contemplate suicide… but what if you do? What if someone you love feels so helpless and is in such pain that they believe death is the only option? What if you lose someone to suicide? How would you feel? How would you act? Who would you turn to?

Perhaps your life has already been touched by suicide…perhaps you know the pain of depression, bipolar disorder, ptsd or another mental health issue that led you to a suicide attempt.  Perhaps you don’t know what to do right now because you are in such emotional pain. Or maybe, your life has been dramatically altered, forever changed by the loss of a loved one who died by suicide. No matter the reason for caring, the only reason for participating is so that you are no longer idle. We can not sit by and watch as others suffer. We cannot lay down and accept defeat. We cannot be passive.

Making a difference on World Suicide Prevention Day is important, but it’s up to you to make a difference every day. Become educated. Know the hotlines. (1.800.273.TALK) Know warning signs. Let others know it’s okay to seek help. And if you are struggling, seek help now (see above mentioned phone number).

You may think you are “just” you, but if you get involved, then you are part of the solution and part of a bigger picture, where no one is left out and no one has to suffer alone.

6 thoughts on “It’s About You: World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. This is so powerful and true. It made me cry. The pain of losing someone to suicide is one of the most violent, horrid atrocities that one can experience. We hope and pray for our loved ones that no harm or evil will come to them, ever, in this life only to have them do it to themselves while we weren’t looking. As a survivor, I don’t know if the pain will ever go away. Knowing that pain, I can’t imagine a pain so great and overwheming that one would take their own life to escape that personal hell.

    This mission you’re on is a huge endeavor, not for the faint at heart. I pray that your passion will always be toward celebrating the beauty and hope of life — in spite of pain. Thank you for being the glorious beacon that you are. You are a bright, strong, steadfast lighthouse on a raging sea.

    God bless you, sweet angel that you are.

    • Thank you so much for reading and your comment. While it is wonderful to see the attention the topic is given today, I sure hope we can all keep the momentum going in the days ahead!

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