The Great Depression Bloggers

I decided to take a moment to share with you a world of understanding, a blogging world of understanding.

Recently I researched depression blogs for a discussion I posted titled “12 Top Depression Blogs to Follow” on WEGO Health. There you will find some wonderful blogs, from all levels of writing and experience that focus primarily on severe depression or major depressive disorder. It was a tough list to write because there are so many amazing blogs!  There are also so many blogs that may stray away from the severe or major depression topic a bit, but are incredibly helpful and provide great insight that did not fit the criteria for that post. I have this lingering feeling, as if I was not able to do enough service to the mental health blogging community because of the nature of it being a such a short list. (Although, I am certainly excited about sharing the 12 blogs that I highlighted!)

This morning I received an email that my blog was included in a list of 101 Blogs to Help You Deal With Depression. I am honored, to say the least, I even got a bit teary. And then I thought, “I wish I had seen this list last week!” Although there is some overlap on the lists, there are also a few blogs on my list that are not on this one. I am happy to be able to share both lists with you so that  you can get connected to these other blogs, these blogs that are offering support, encouragement, and shared experiences.

Undoubtedly, because the blogging world is so large, there are many blogs left off the lists that would be well worth mentioning, so please feel free to tell others about them in the comments here.

One thought on “The Great Depression Bloggers

  1. Once again I would like to thank you for putting me on the list, despite my blog seeming so… Inadequate. Also, Congratulations on your blog being featured!
    Have a great week!

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