Turning the Right Way, For Me

It’s time for an update, much overdo…

Since my last post I have put a good amount of effort into making healthy choices and adding exercise into my life.  I began with walking and on the very first day I walked about 30 minutes at a brisk pace. It turned out to be a little much, but I kept on. The following few days I continued to walk, some days 15-20 minutes, others 30. I won’t lie, I was really uncomfortable after those first few days. I turned to a trusted fibromyalgia friend as I was in pain and unsure if I should push through. She helped my morale so much, helping me to decide to “just keep going”. So that is what I did, I kept moving.

I kept up a good exercise routine for about two weeks (some days just doing my own version of aerobics in my living room and on the steps of my deck in my back yard!), but this past week has thrown me several curve balls… I have lost a bit of my momentum.  I feel confident I will get right back to it. Honestly, if I had not exercised for those two weeks prior to the events of this past week, I am not sure that I would have had the stamina to do what I did. (more on that to come)

So, here I am, very proud that I accomplished what I did, but like most people who start a new exercise routine, I’m facing the challenge of staying consistent. I am actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, because it felt so good to know that I was accomplishing what seemed in my mind to be almost impossible. I find myself interested in making healthier food choices now, rather than dreading them, and also coming to terms with the fact that this is a whole lifestyle transformation I am looking at, not just about the exercise. I also have to digest and come to terms with the truth that change takes time! I may not see immediate results, but the hard work will be so worth it when that time comes.

The fear that stands in my way of making healthy choices is something that I have decided to push through. With the encouragement of others, like you, and with the knowledge that loving myself enough to make healthy choices is possible, I believe I am on the “right” track!


One thought on “Turning the Right Way, For Me

  1. Hey,
    I’m pretty new to Fibro (diagnosed this summer), and catching up on blog-reading (obviously). I’ve had UPS and DOWNS with the whole exercise thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s the major component in feeling better. Knowing it was fibro helped me push through and exercise when I was really feeling poor and exhausted (before, I was worried I might cause additional trouble, not knowing what was wrong – knowing I just had to start and it would be okay helped a lot). I just made myself do “something” every day – usually walking or yoga (www.YogaDownload.com for free 20 minute sessions). After a couple of weeks I could see a difference in my mood, energy, and pain level. That was my biggest motivator. Until I fell off the wagon, so to speak, and it’s been DIFFICULT getting back up.

    I guess I’m just sharing to “build community”. You’re not alone, neither am I, and we have this shared struggle.

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