Focus – Refocus

You may know quite well if you have fibromyalgia or struggle with a mental health issue, that concentration and focus can be hard to come by. For me, it can be very much the challenge, it feels like it has become more and more difficult, but I believe, in reality, I am just more aware of it now that I want to accomplish more things.

One new thing I want to accomplish is to develop a better focus on this blog. I want to continue to share with you in the same personal way that I always do, but I want to find my niche here. So often I wonder, is this a mental health blog, is this a chronic pain blog, is this a blog about trauma? It’s all of those things, but I believe there is a way to harness all of these things into a more definable space.

From the beginning of my blogging experiences on Living Whole with Chronic Pain Network, Rest Ministries, WEGO Health, here and on blogger (the older posts here were transferred from my old blogger blog, and I have an additional blog that I still post to and am currently developing on blogger called Polka Dots are Pretty), so much of my focus is on living this life with these issues intertwined.

So how do I find clarity when these topics are kind of messy, woven into one another and but still directly linked to each other? That is what I am trying to focus on and that is what I want to delve into further. Una Vita Bella is what it is… it is a beautiful life, even while living with these great and many challenges. So how do I convey that to the rest of the world and create a space here for more people to find the inspiration, help and information that they need to have their own beautiful life while living with chronic pain, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and the like?

To start with, I want to create a new layout. I know I have been playing with this some recently, but I am forewarning you, there are likely more changes to come. I want to create a more identifiable list of resources as well as a clear mission for this site. I am mulling this all over and sort of talking out loud, and mostly, just trying to focus.

What to watch for:

Format Changes

More Resources

Increased focus on helping others and a little less emphasis on my own venting/journaling.

Prevention and support strategies for dealing with the issues previously mentioned (chronic pain, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, etc). One of my many passions is an effort to support suicide prevention, and I believe that is a very important area for me to stay focused on as well.

A clear and obvious connection between chronic pain/chronic illness and mental health.

Stories from others who are suffering from similar challenges and how they are living a beautiful life.

What will not change:

My transparency and personal voice. You will always have the real deal and my perspective on what it is like dealing with these issues and working to live a beautiful life. It is just that time of natural progression I think, to move from my personal story-telling to more of an advocacy/activist voice. I hope to delicately weave the two together, and I hope this makes sense to people other than myself? Perhaps things will stay more the same than I think, but I will have a clearer sense of direction. Either way, I hope you will continue to walk with me… along this path of living a beautiful life.


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