Back from BlogWorld!

I have had one of the most wonderful and exciting week’s of my life, but… that was last week, and now I’m faced with dealing with “normal” again. What is “normal” anyway? That’s a whole other post, or series for that matter!

To give you a brief overview, Saturday October 9th I traveled to Denver, Colorado to visit a dear friend, I spent two nights and 3 wonderful days playing and having girl time. I traveled back home on Monday evening. Upon arriving home I was ecstatic to see my family, but shifting from fun to the daily grind was a little tough.

Wednesday afternoon, the 13th, I found out around noon that I was going to BlogWorld! It was an incredible opportunity for me and completely last minute notice. I left that evening for Las Vegas and arrived there at 11:30pm Las Vegas time, but to me it was already 1:30am. Long story short, I attended the conference and participated in a panel on the Social Health track on Thursday and came back home Friday. I arrived at home Friday evening after a full day of travel and then picking up the kids, etc. Wow! What a whirlwind. Saturday involved soccer games and birthday parties and life was in full speed, no stopping. That one week of my life was jam packed full of experiences, all incredible and rewarding, but exhausting none-the-less.

I wanted to share with you my attempt to vlog after I arrived in Vegas as I was thinking on the day that was to come:

I was very tired, but can you tell how enthusiastic I was feeling? I truly hope my enthusiasm and passion showed during my time speaking on the panel on Thursday! I was blessed with the pleasure of speaking at the side of two extraordinary men, Manny Hernandez of TuDiabetes and Bob Brooks from WEGO Health. They were extremely kind to me since I had little to no time to prepare and also knowing that I was a somewhat novice speaker. We pulled it off, and I think it went really well.

This experience gave me the knowledge that I often set my expectations far too low for myself. I have a message to share and I am passionate about sharing it. I feel so grateful that others had faith in me when I was not so sure of myself, and now I know… I can do it! I have submitted a speaker proposal to Blissdom 2011 and I am crossing my fingers, toes, and saying prayers that my proposal will be accepted. (And, oh yes, I’m looking for sponsors!) I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment that I have not experienced since my speaking opportunity at the Out of the Darkness Community Walk 2009. Sharing my story and my insights about health activism and social media gives me a great feeling, a knowing that the challenges of my journey have not been in vain, and that perhaps, somehow I can help others along theirs.

Here I am, having been home for a few days and as you might imagine I am still dealing with fatigue. Today was my first day of feeling like me again, and it was wonderful. I went for a walk tonight and enjoyed the crisp Fall air and watched as the moon hung brightly above, as if to say, I’m still here and shining bright for you.

2 thoughts on “Back from BlogWorld!

  1. Oh my goodness, you didn’t know until the day before?! I don’t think I could have worked until that kind of pressure. At least I knew well in advance about the Patient Blogging panel. We didn’t get to meet at BlogWorld but I enjoyed your panel very much. Thank you for sharing your story and speaking up as a strong advocate.

    • Hi Lisa!
      I am sorry we didn’t get to meet, but such a privilege to have you visit my blog! Thank you so much for your kind words about my opportunity to share at BlogWorld. I sure hope I get to do more of it and that I will continue to grow as an advocate and activist.
      I am sorry I missed your panel. I am certain I would have loved it. I look forward to connecting more in the future!

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