You Don’t Have to Be Famous…But

There are plenty of famous people who have suffered the emotional pain of depression. A recent post by nursingschools.net50 Famous Artists and Thinkers Who Have Struggled with Depression” compiles a nice list for you, demonstrating the wide variety of  “well-knowns” who have battled the demon.

While I have mixed emotions about the notion that mental illness and creativity are linked, this article is an interesting and informative compilation.

I’m not sure why I feel ambivalent about the link between mental illness and creativity, perhaps it is because I do not want anyone who is really gifted or creative to feel like they will be pegged right away…perhaps it is because there is some shame or fear inside me that if I am without my illness, I might lose something? I know that during horrible painful times in my life I have been most creative, but still… I can be creative when not suffering as well.

When I was an inpatient in 2006 (at a psychiatric facility) Art Therapy was my most favorite time of the day. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was my most favorite thing about being an inpatient back in 1993 as well!

I became enthralled with watercolors. I loved to watch how the paper would soak up the color, how I could move it around and create different forms of expression with the paintbrush. I certainly would not call my efforts of a professional caliber, but some of my works were “not so bad”. I took this new hobby home with me after I was discharged and for a couple of months I avidly utilized watercolors as an outlet and a way to bring peace and comfort to my mind. For some reason, I have not been able to watercolor in the same way as I did then. I stopped, and then when I tried to pick it back up it felt very foreign. Perhaps it is because I stopped painting on a consistent and regular basis, or perhaps it has something to do with the level of depression and mental illness I was suffering at that time? No telling.

Either way, I believe Art Therapy is a very real and good form of therapy and an excellent outlet for emotional expression and also relaxation. In addition to the list I linked above, I would like to share with you a brilliant video I saw tonight, a truly amazing expression of pain and healing through art.

P.S. I’m completely confused by the copyright warning at the end of the video, if it is posted on YouTube then it is available for sharing, right? If I am infringing on any kind of rights then it is purely unintentional!

5 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be Famous…But

  1. A state of depression is not to be seen as ones
    downfall rather it being seen as ones fortune.

    The brain in its development produces a state
    of depression. /Not with the intention to harm
    but an aid going through mental development.

    In such stages of depression ( they can vary in
    depth from one soul to the other as depending
    on level of development being achieved) one is
    not in past as future. While in change an brain
    goes / such does not allow a clarity of thought
    in truth one feeling lost / confused out of focus.

    HOWEVER such state allows the artistic nature
    to reveal more of self / because one approaching
    art from feelings emotions that be out of control
    where they being so intwinned / as one lacks an
    normal brain that may limit such interpretation.

    The example being of the person whom drinks..
    where lose inhibition of their normal behaviour.

    Depression is not somfink one should be shamed
    of / where in truth one’s fortunate going through
    such development of the brain / though at time’s
    it feels as more like one’s lost //never to be found.

    HOWEVER t’will one will survive such stage as
    emerge much the wiser. / Unfotunately it being
    once the brain sound one will lose artistic ability
    in the sense where it arising from such intensity
    the brain having returned to more normal mode.

    Humanity in an constant state in going forward.

    The brain ever in constant state of development.
    There always those whom/ push the boundaries
    thus for many the development of the brain not
    that considered at a normal pace of growth /but
    a much increased rate. /Thus with such speed of
    growth bringing periods as stages of development
    where one’s experiencing little control in feelings
    emotions / as brain goes re-building its structure
    its capabilities / in one abled gaining knowledge.

    During such change depression be as an aid it’s
    a means of giving one a focus till changes made.

    Depression in time but fade away / much as the
    injured person healing in dicarding the crutches.

  2. Update / There’s a time in development one need the
    natural process continue in / meditation /in turning
    the senses inward. Thus an ability in an much more
    sound way of stepping off lifes rollercoaster /towards
    bringing natural development. However in the begin
    not great spiritual revalations of blinding light etc etc
    just an means to slow down /in regaining ones focus.

    As with everything in life one improve with practice.
    In meditation ( if be first time) then its the first time
    one tries take full control of emotions feelings. /Such
    be very strange as one in most / one having alway’s
    been under the control of emotions feelings / where
    had very limited control. / Through meditation the
    opportunity to take full control of emotions /feelings.

    Yet one also becomes very aware in being an novice
    one needs guidance / understanding in such venture.

    Thus need of a spiritual teacher /there many teachers
    individuals being at many stages of developent / it be
    people’s needs greatly vary. What being said unto one
    can make great sense / to another it making no sense.

    At present times humanity be blessed with prem rawat
    he not only a spiritual teacher but/Teacher of Teachers.

    On PC search (words of peace) (words of peace global)
    (prem rawat foundation) all sites giving videos of prem
    rawat speak of the spiritual journey. An development in
    ones understanding experience of the spiritual self. /Not
    spiritual experience understanding based on ideas beliefs
    but of practical experience /thus one blessed in knowing.

    PS i should add the human brain in most but treated as a
    dustbin /where decades of nonsense / added unto a brain
    thus meditation in its initial process / not giving spiritual
    experience / understanding in depth one may be wishing.
    Much of initial stage of Meditation but in removing such
    nonsenses one gained/which prevents one’s knowing self.

    Hence facing initial task in removing the junk mountain
    one feel “Thats One ‘ell Of a Mountain To Move”/ that’s
    to be expected don’t get downhearted make meditation a
    daily task as time to your own needs. It being at first one
    sees meditation as a hard task in one needing motivation
    yet with effort down the line a bit / it being meditation is
    the days highlight that one looks forward to experiencing.

    pps / one also take account one no longer filling the brain
    with its daily dose of nonsense as did before /unknowingly.

    Through meditation understanding developes / as natural
    beingbalanced /in practical experience of the spiritual self.

    • Thank you for your time and insightful comments! I am sure by sharing here you will touch others with your thoughts. There are many conversations that can be had about what you bring up in your comments, I am sorry I cannot go into it further at this time, but I sincerely thank you for visiting and sharing.

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