Calling for Guest Bloggers on Chronic Pain

I thought it would be fun to get some fresh perspectives on living with chronic pain around here. I am sending out a call to all who blog or would like to blog about living a beautiful life with chronic pain. The only requirement is that you want to share the “getting to the beautiful” part about a life that can be filled with great challenges. It’s an added bonus (for me) if you want to include the mental health aspect of this life as well. I think I will call this feature: “Living Beautifully” and I would like to share one guest post per week.

My blogging “focus” is a combination of these two parts of our health (which in truth I see as one), the mental and the physical, how they inter-relate and how they intertwine. I believe our mental health directly influences our bodies and the pain we experience as well as many of the health conditions we are diagnosed with, and vice versa, our illness directly influences our mental health and should be treated with this in mind.

If you agree with me and feel inspired to share your journey with chronic illness, chronic pain and/or mental health issues please let me know. Together we can share our stories and let others know that they are not alone and how they too can live beautifully in spite of chronic pain and mental health issues.

8 thoughts on “Calling for Guest Bloggers on Chronic Pain

  1. I would love to share, I have many past posts on my blog that would be fitting if you’d like to take a look and pick one.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Congratulations on the recognition of your blog by Medicalchemy. It’s well deserved.
    Feel free to post your call for guest bloggers on the Inspire community site as well. I think Inspire members would welcome a chance to consider being guest bloggers.

    John Novack

    • I have been meaning to get involved in the Inspire community, you have given me an additional reason. Thank you John, I appreciate the kind words and your comments very much!

  3. Hi 😉
    I would love to guest post. I haven’t shared much about my chronic pain in my own blog, or so much about my mental health issues.
    I have learned to make jokes about my pain (because it is pretty funny when you think about it…) but it does very seriously affect my life, and it has severely hampered my progress with dealing with everything else!

    • I will look forward to having you guest post! Thank you for your comments and I will be in touch about scheduling that post very soon! =) I totally get that about making jokes, sometimes it really helps, but it doesn’t take your pain away completely… =( unfortunately.

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