Chronic Pain Webinar – Sign Up Now!

On Monday November 22nd at 8pm Eastern I will be part of a webinar called “Continuing Health Activism with Chronic Pain”.  This webinar is made possible by WEGO Health, the social network for which I am a Community Leader and where I connect with other health activists every day. I will be joined by Julia from Reasonably Well and Kelly from RA Warrior, health activists extraordinaire.

We will discuss what it’s like to be health activists while living with chronic pain and offer our tips and advice on how to keep your momentum going. Keeping your own personal morale up and lifting up the health community in which you engage can be a challenge, but it is possible!

Not sure if you are are a health activist? There’s a good chance you are if you are here and you care about mental health issues and/or chronic pain. Not sure what  kind of health activist you are? Take the quiz on WEGO Health and find out! No matter what stage of health activism you are in, even if you are just thinking about it, I believe you will find this webinar relevant if you deal with chronic pain.

It would be fabulous if you would join us for this opportunity to explore living life as a health activist while dealing with chronic pain. I’ll be there, I hope you will be too! Register right here or here.

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