Ask and You May Not Receive

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I recently wrote a post on WEGO Health, “Speaking Out as a Health Activist” about getting out there as a health activist. I wrote about looking for speaking opportunities and about “just asking“. It’s so important to ask. If there is something you want to do, as a health activist, as a human, make sure you ask… you won’t know unless you do!

But sometimes, you ask, and the answer is “No”. You know what, that’s okay. It feels like crap when it happens, especially if you were really excited about the potential opportunity. But really, other opportunities come along if you look for them.

So yes, I asked, and the answer was no, but I am keeping my eyes open for new ways to engage and new ways to share. One thing I’ve learned, keep asking. I might even experience 10 more “no”s before I finally get a “yes”, but that’s alright, too. My ideas, my creativity, my spirit all get a little bit fired up when I feel more intensity. There is almost a sense of urgency, in a good way. It’s like I have a secret, a happy one, and I’m  just dying to share it.

I see a whole world of opportunity for myself that I haven’t noticed before. It’s almost like I stand before several different paths and they all look very exciting and adventurous. A world of learning exists, so much knowledge to be gained, so many different directions to go.  Perhaps the “no”s in life are more like guideposts (than stop signs) that lead you down a slightly different path than you thought you were on. Sometimes, we just have to keep walking and follow our guides, even when they come in the form of a “no”.

4 thoughts on “Ask and You May Not Receive

  1. Amy, I need help. i recently made 5 deep and wide insicions in my leg, amd i dont think they can go unnoticed by my family. I have stopped the bleeding but how can I close them? Please help as soon as you can..

    • I sent you an email this morning, I am very concerned for you. I cannot offer you anything remotely close to medical advice, but I do urge you to seek help, medical attention and support immediately. You deserve to feel better! I am so sad knowing your torment. I hope and pray you are okay and that you are doing better this afternoon. Please let me know how you are doing when you can, either via email or through here.

  2. I had the idea to cauterize the wounds.. They seem to open for them to close without medical procedures… I cannot let my family know about these.. I am not ready for that… I am not ready for them to try to understand, nor do I want them to understand. I am scared Amy.. this is the first time I have been afraid of my problem in a long time..
    Do you think it would be a good idea to try to cauterize them myself?

    • Please email me at abeeliever @

      I want to support you through this time that is very scary, I do understand how scary this is.

      I cannot give medical advice, I urge you to seek some kind of medical attention for your wounds. Your health and safety is at risk.

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