How About a #PainChat on Twitter?

So, as you know, I deal with pain, and many of you deal with pain, too. So how about we start a chat on Twitter for those dealing with chronic pain? I would call it #PainChat. I would love for it to have a sort of health activist tone about it, as well as being a resource and support.

You may know that I already have the #MHSM or Mental Health and Social Media Chat going on Tuesday evenings (with a huge amount of help from my partner Cindy @NAMIMass) and rarely am I able to moderate it personally any longer because of the time of day in addition to my obligations to my family. I would likely propose a morning or midday chat for this one. I would love to hear about any thoughts and interest.

Would you participate?

4 thoughts on “How About a #PainChat on Twitter?

  1. I would be interested in joining in. I wouldn’t be able to help with moderating more than once a month. Having this sort of regular chat would be a help! I would think the medical community, especially those who participate in the Sunday #hcsm chat, might get interested. Hurray for technology and social media making a real difference in our lives!

  2. Yes, I’d like to participate & like the others, may not be at every one but would be nice resource & communication with other pain companions. Thanks.

    I just noticed the date of Nov 2010 on this post. So… is there a #painchat ? I will post it & see.

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