Una Vita Bella: a Top 10 Depression Blog of 2010

Una Vita Bella was named a Top 10 Depression Blog of 2010 by Psych Central!

I am still floating from the happy news.

Truly, an honor like this inspires me to keep sharing my journey and to keep working towards helping others more than ever. As a health activist, and someone living with depression, it is sometimes hard to keep up your momentum. Accolades and mentions, awards and badges, they just feel good, plain and simple.

I have worked to create a blog that is not driven by anything more than a desire to do good, to help others and to help myself along my own path of healing. I want this blog to continue to be a source of support and insight for anyone who might suffer from mental health issues and/or chronic pain. I want to continue to share my heart with my readers so that they may be helped in their dark times, or perhaps even through the darkest of times, like I myself have seen.

With support of communities like Psych Central I am encouraged to keep doing so, I feel even more empowered to keep sharing and pursuing health. The knowledge that someone, anyone, finds what I am revealing to be helpful or supportive, is such a source of joy! I am certain every blogger would agree. I know there are so many incredible blogs “out there”, so this is truly an honor of significant proportions for me.

Thank you so very much for joining me on this path of health, healing and the occasional bumps in the road (okay, sometimes they’re deep valleys)!

6 thoughts on “Una Vita Bella: a Top 10 Depression Blog of 2010

  1. Wow, Amy! This is spectacular news! What a wonderful confirmation of all your hard work to write this blog, and an affirmation of the depth and sincerity of your writing! Heartfelt congratulations!

    What a Christmas present! 🙂

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