Looking for Hope in 2011

Are you looking forward to the new year ahead? Not everyone is feeling a sense of hope, in fact, some are only able to feel dread, possibly worse, not much of anything, numbness… no sense of hope, no sense of “good things to come”. For those suffering from depression, New Year’s Day may be another reminder of the days of hardship they feel are to come.

I am blessed that in this moment I feel hopeful, nothing is more precious to me than hope. When it is lacking, the world feels bleak, dark, and filled with sadness. When I have even a tiny morsel of hope, I can make it through just about anything. So can you.

One thing I have learned, my mood changes, my circumstances change, nothing is ever as permanent as I think it is. (I do forget this at times, hence my most recent post “Teetering Too Close to Depression“. The world is constantly in a process of change and when it feels as if nothing will ever get better, we often have to hold on a little bit longer and it will. Of coarse, putting forth effort of our own to create better health and happiness is even better than waiting, but sometimes it’s all we can do just to hold on.

If you are looking for hope in 2011, I want you to know that it is there. If you know it, and see it, then share it with others! If you are unable to see it right now, then please, hold on.

One thought on “Looking for Hope in 2011

  1. There is hope thanks to our savior Jesus Christ. Do you believe in Jesus, the way to eternal life in heaven?

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