I’m Too Tired

I am laying here in bed… wanting to say something important, inspirational, moving… but all I’ve got is fatigue. The last few days have been challenging, each in their own unique ways. Little sleep has really done me wrong. Last night, I was in pain in almost every part of my body, down to my fingers and toes, and all I could really do was whimper and moan. It was pretty pathetic. Today, I’ve done much better. I was able to get some important things taken care of, and yes highlighting my hair is important! Eye doctor, dinner for the family, break-down of Christmas decorations, all of these things were accomplished too. I managed to squeeze in a nap as well.  I did have another awful headache, really need to figure out why I am getting so many of those, but it is better at the moment and for that I am truly grateful.

I wish I had something  cool to tell you, but I don’t. I wish I had something significant to say, but it’s not there. I’m so worn out. I am looking for a renewed sense of energy tomorrow. I am also looking for a masseuse to come visit me in my dreams tonight. I noticed I was feeling a bit weepy and getting teary-eyed this evening. Fatigue really gets to you in so many ways. Here’s hoping for solid rest! I wish for rest and restoration for you, too.

Do you have any resources or recommendations for added energy and/or for how to beat fatigue when living with fibromyalgia? If so, would love for you to share here!


6 thoughts on “I’m Too Tired

  1. Hi there. My daughter put her fibro into remission bu taking D-ribose. It has helped everyone I have talked into taking it. Even me. It helps get oxygen and sugar/nutrients ro every cell individually so you get less pain, more endurance. When parts of the body don’t get enough oxygen, they hurt and don’t function well…and this affects every system, organ, endocrine systemm chemicals, etc. My daughter showed me wonderful site http://www.endfatigue.com run by Dr. who is M.D. and naturopathic Dr specializing in diseases based on fatigue. His brother is the producer of Dr. Oz show, which is why there are so many natural recommendations on that show. The second help us natural adrenal supplements. All of us with fibro have some degree of adrenal echaustion. Gingko and/or ginseng can almost eliminate fibrofog. Cya at Twitter! Penlady/Sheila

  2. I have found that sleep is such and important part of how i feel both emotionally and physically. And although i don’t share your physical difficulties i can sympathize since i have a cousin who has Fibro and i see and her struggle. After a personal trauma that affected me in so many ways including loss of sleep and ability to relax-migraines like you wouldn’t believe; it was suggested to me by my therapist to use as many sleep hygiene techniques as i felt comfortable. Have you heard of it? I actually turned it into a bit of a little project, buying new comfortable linens, de-cluttering my bedroom, painting, making it a retreat from all and simplifying my bedtime routine. It really helped me to use this tool as one of many to help me through a real nightmare of a time Amy. I’ve put a link below, there are plenty of them this is just a sample of one with an outline of suggestions on what to do.
    Hope you feel better!

  3. I hate that feeling of complete fatigue. Most days I do well fighting it with B-100 complex supplements and Melatonin at night to sleep and yoga every day that I possibly can. Of course there are still those days that these things seem to do nothing for me, but I get more good days than bad with them! Good luck, I hope you are rested and feeling better soon!

  4. I actually take benadryl with my doctor’s blessing to sleep every night. I also take fish oil, 1000 mg twice a day (don’t take past 2 pm or you can’t sleep!) I also feel much better when I do some sort of exercise, whether it is walking, yoga or pilates. I do them at home with donloads from amazon as I can set my own pace and modify as needed. I do my best to exercise as soon as possible in the morning to help get me moving!
    8 week Journey to Balance

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