Before All is Lost

Yesterday I made a little bit of a “ranty” video about my frustrations with our systems in America. Our health systems, our legal system, our assistance systems, all seem to be so based on waiting for worst possible scenarios before providing assistance, and it’s frustrating.

Take the health care and mental health field for instance. When a person is suffering from severe depression (or any kind of mental health issue) that has reached a very unhealthy level, they must be suicidal or homicidal in order to be mandated (by law) to get inpatient treatment of any kind. I would so hate for anyone to be hospitalized against their will (it’s hard enough voluntarily), but sometimes people are so ill that they do not realize that they are on the brink of losing everything because of their illness. Medical intervention is necessary, but if they are not suicidal or homicidal, then sorry….we can’t help. Why must we wait until someone is literally on the brink of death or violence to help? This is just one metaphor for the way our systems are set up. It’s much the same when someone faces foreclosure.

When a person is behind on a mortgage payment, the bank will not provide any assistance until the homeowner is 3 months behind. Then, the assistance they provide requires an arrangement to pay back missed payments making the new payments even higher than before. Never mind if the homeowner is facing unemployment and can’t make the original payment to begin with. It’s just backwards.

Legal assistance is only available to women for free or reduced rates if they are being abused (it’s not enough if they are afraid of being abused or are being emotionally abused) or if they have already separated from their husband. Until they are actually separated, then his income is considered to be hers and any assistance she might be eligible for in order to make it possible to start anew is not available. Let’s put her and her kids on the street first, then we might help.

Mental health assistance and counseling for the uninsured is available at a “reduced rate”, like say $70.00 per hour (I did find one service that provides it for $30 per session – still unaffordable for multiple people and on a regular basis, and not provided by highly qualified professionals in my opinion). So, if you need help before you’ve lost everything, you really can’t afford to get it. Once you’ve lost everything then you might qualify for a further reduced rate, but how will you pay for it, you now have nothing. Get my drift?

I know there are some different circumstances and some very generous organizations out there, but it is incredibly difficult to find the resources we need in this country to get ahead with our health and finances, if we are strapped for cash, but yet not at the disaster level. It just seems wrong, why aren’t we helping people to avoid disaster before it happens?

So, here comes my video speaking to the topic, saying much of the same, but it’s me speaking, not just written word. Would you consider sharing this post and video? Something must be done so that we can help people before all is lost. Pick an area where you can help or where you can speak out and do it? Share ideas here in the comments, and by all means share resources, if you know of them, too. Disadvantaged people, (who have yet to lose it all) need our help in every facet of life. Thank You!

3 thoughts on “Before All is Lost

  1. Amy, I didn’t know this was you when you commented on my blog!! I just subscribed to your blog as well.

    And I must say that I agree this is a problem with our “system”. I don’t claim to know the solution but I know something has to change.

    Off to explore your blog.


    • I love it, we’re better connected now! =) Yes, it’s a problem, I don’t know the solutions either, but there has to be something we can do… even just raising awareness about the problem is a start.

      I am thinking about changing my Twitter name to my real name because so often people don’t put my identity as Abeeliever together with Amy Kiel… so glad we’re following each others blogs, now!

      P.S. I blog on occasion at Polka Dots Are Pretty, too. And I think you already know I blog on WEGO Health, too.

  2. I have been mulling over these same issues as well. Especially, why someone has to be on the verge of violence to themselves, or towards others before they are forced to get help. I hate that emotional abuse is not treated the same as physical abused – cause it sure makes me hurt.

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