Defeat Depression Interactively

Defeating depression is no easy task, so why not enlist as much help as we can get, right? I was inspired by a list of 50 Ways to Cope with Stress article on EmpowHer and that led me to begin a list of my own on WEGO Health. I came up with 25 depression defeating tactics, leaving the last half to be filled in by all of you!

I am hoping you will visit my post “50 Ways to Ditch Depression – An Interactive List” and add your thoughts. You may even find that the community over there is someplace you want to be. If not, feel free to come back and add your ideas to the comments here.

Help me come up with a powerful resource for depression communities and those who are coping with it by providing 50 ways to deal with the “black dog” of depression!

3 thoughts on “Defeat Depression Interactively

  1. Tried to post this on the WEGO site, but the captcha verify button wouldn’t work, no matter what code I tried entering.
    So here is what I had intended to post:
    Since I have absolutely no singing voice, I would add to the list:
    * listening to music, especially upbeat stuff. experiment with new music/genres by listening to clips on websites. find new radio stations to tune into. find old favo(u)rites through itunes.
    * dance around, even if you feel too down to spontaneously break out dancing to the upbeat music above. it gets you moving, and maybe laughing.
    The initial 25, and jenny’s additions are fantastic ways to “ditch depression.” Thanks for starting the list, and encouraging folks to contribute.

    • I am so sorry you had issues with the WEGO Health site. I will let our community manager know that you had troubles with that! I will copy and paste your response for you for the time being. I really appreciate your response and input. I love it. I hope to see you around WEGO Health, too. It is a great resource, a great community. You might enjoy the new community I have started as well, also named Una Vita Bella. You can find it at It is still in its infancy and we could really use all of the activity we can get, if you’re interested.
      Thanks again!

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