Squash Mental Health Stigma: Tell NBC

In an effort to save time I am going to refer you to a blog post I just wrote on WEGO Health called, “Mocking Mental Health Advocacy: Take Action Now” which presents you with an opportunity to support mental health advocates and activists everywhere while urging NBC to make right a serious error in their judgment.

You will find all the details there, but let me say this, we have a chance to tell the world that we will not stand for media perpetuating a problem that hinders people from getting the help they need and deserve. We have the chance to let everyone know that mental health issues should not be taken lightly or treated like a “freak show”. Our efforts to create a culture in which people do not have to fear seeking help are not in vain.

2 thoughts on “Squash Mental Health Stigma: Tell NBC

    • Thank you Taylor!
      We must keep speaking out and stand together. I believe we can make a difference! I refuse to let a big organization like MSNBC undermine our efforts to help those suffering with mental health issues.
      If you can help spread the word, please do… I am going to make a video and write a new post. Hopefully we can rally “the troops” and make our message clear.
      Best wishes,

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