Listening to the Right Voice

So often we hear a voice that is all our own, but is not speaking truth. Thoughts that seep into our life and minds, thoughts of our weakness, unworthiness or inadequacy can be so sneaky. They can become a part our day to day thinking, more than a random thought now and then.

When these thoughts become all we know, it can seem impossible to believe anything different, and that is why we must identify these thoughts and the fact that they are lies. Any voice that creates self-doubt or loathing is simply not true, but accepting that and recognizing it can be difficult. We have lived with the lies for so long, that seeing their fallacy is harder than believing the real truth.

I want to propose that there is an inherent truth within you, in each of us, that we can tap into. Sometimes it can take a process, or even many processes to discover our truths. I credit BreakThrough (see Heart Connexion Ministries for more info on that and please do not hesitate to ask me questions) as a major source of discovery for me, in learning some of the most important truths that reside within me.

I participated in this process (BreakThrough) almost 2 years ago, and I am still learning how to claim my truths in daily living. I am spending a lot of energy these days thinking about my truths, what they are and proclaiming them. I am finding it essential to my well-being to call the truths out and repeat them to myself regularly. I am not being shy about it either, you may see me on Twitter or Facebook randomly affirming myself.

I recommend that once you hear these lies and notice that they are present, that’s exactly when you must squash them. You may not know exactly what to do with them, but you can fill yourself with good thoughts and replace the negative voice with the voice of truth. For some that voice can be found in Scriptures, for some that voice may be found in simple positive affirmations. For some, it is a combination. The voice of truth for me comes from the knowledge that God loves me whole and completely, no matter what, and it also comes from the knowledge that I have obtained, through self-discovery about who I am at the very core of me, and who I want to be.

So who am I?

I am brave.

I am adventurous.

I am joyful.

I am a woman worth loving.

I am strong.

I am loving and kind.

I am compassionate.

I am enough.

I am intelligent.

I am capable.

I am a source of positive energy.

I am passionate.

I am inquisitive.

I am an explorer.

I am beautiful. (that one is really still hard to type, to be honest)

I am valuable.

I am worth it.

I am creative.

I am artistic.

I am okay.

Who are  you? Who are you telling yourself you are? Are you listening to the right voice?

I have often and still battle with listening to the wrong voice, but by proclaiming and claiming the truth, I come to believe it. Chronic illness and mental health issues, they can rob us of our identity, and then we forget who we truly are. Trauma, life challenges, rejection, they can all diminish the clarity with which we hear the right voice or worse, replace all the truth with lies. I encourage you, while I practice this myself, to listen hard for the truth and even if you don’t hear it, seek it out and proclaim it for yourself.

A dear friend of mine reminded me of this song today, even if you are not a Christian, I think you will find it powerful as we all search for the Voice of Truth.

10 thoughts on “Listening to the Right Voice

  1. Amy, You are so right! So many times, we may get conflicting thoughts shared by other voices who seem to believe we need to listen to them or that they are right and we are wrong. Our voice of truth comes from the Lord alone. Trust in His voice to guide you. He will lead you in the direction he has for your life. That song by Casting Crowns is one of my favorites. Another one that is relevant as you go through storms is Praise You In This Storm:

  2. I not only have the negative voices, I have bluray-sharp images of negative moments playing in my head. You are so right that it is hard to hear the good, the positive, the right voice over the babble and noise of the negative one.
    I think of it as a demon, a monster, waiting in the dark corners of my mind for the chance to slink out and pontificate. His methods are sly and often subtle. His words and videos have power only because I let them. The negative voice thrives on fear, worry, negative self-image.
    I am working on having more sunlight in my mind; the negative voice hates the brightness and shuns the center stage then. Now, if I could banish him entirely, so that in my weak moments, or times when the chronic depression is too strong to push away, it would be the positive voice that could reassure me, comfort me, and give me hope.
    I will try and write a list like you have of the positive points about me. Thanks for giving me the courage to try.

    • Keep trying. I understand the images too… the images are tough, really tough… but create new images, new experiences, good ones, even if they are just moments soaking up some sunshine or dipping your toes in a fresh stream of water… and really experience those moments, remember them. Then, when the icky ones come up you have good things to recall in their place. ❤ Keep at it. ❤ We must keep at it.

  3. I call those negative voices “my monster mind.” You’ve inspired me to cultivate those more positive messages. What’s the opposite of monster?

  4. I had to print out these affirmations – they are so very powerful. It is so easy to have doubt and negativity seep in. That little voice needs to be squashed out and these wonderful thoughts will help. Thank you!

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