Sweet Dreams

I wrote this two days ago and thought I had posted it, apparently it was still in draft form. Thought I might as well post it now.

It’s not often that I post twice in one day to my blog, but I decided to try out wordpress for android and see how it felt. After reading the couple of super kind comments left on my previous post I am wondering what kind of perception people have of this blogging effort off mine.

What I hope people will come to understand is that these issues I discuss, share, and contemplate are chronic in nature (for me) and I often fluctuate between really difficult times and periods of feeling on top of it. By sharing my ups and downs, I want others to know that it is okay to share theirs. Sometimes, it is just not so cut and dry. I wish I could say…once upon a time I experienced depression and now it’s gone, but that is not the case for me. But there is still hope. Even in these chronic cases, life is not constantly awful, although it is hard. Fibromyalgia exacerbates the issue, but I have grown more as an individual these last couple of years than I ever could had I not been dealt these challenges.

Life has many secret gifts in it, even in what feels like the most horrible of times or circumstances. So while I share these hard times, I want you to rest assured that I am here for the long haul, sharing the low points as well as high.

All this is to say goodnight and sweet dreams to anyone who may be struggling with the realities of life with chronic pain, chronic illness, or mental health challenges. I sure am glad I am not alone.

One thought on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Life is like that it has ups and downs you have to make the most of the up times and write them down if you do this you will find it so helpfull next time you feel really down. Life and reality is weird and your right you are not alone.

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