I’m home, after a trip to sunny Florida, and I find myself feeling like I have no home at all. It’s a very strange thing to leave one day and come back to a completely different life 7 days later.

At moments I feel panicked, but at others, a quiet peace knowing that what my response to so much change can be is that of a person rolling with it. I don’t have to absorb all of the shock, I can let some of it go. When I feel overwhelmed with fear, I can take deep breaths and know that “This Too Shall Pass”. (That phrase really cannot be used too much.)

While my life is filled with upheaval at the moment, and will continue to be on some level for the next couple of months or more, I find a sanctuary in the pockets of love that surround me. A special friend who puts her arm around me, a text message from another to tell me that I am loved, a phone call or text from a family member to check on me, an extra blog comment… all of these things mean so much!

And more pockets of love are found in the silence, the moments when I hear my children resting peacefully, moments filled with the sound of the attic fan purring and the sweet  and silly sounds of my dog snoring. These are all, big and small, reminders to me that things will be okay.

Home really is where your heart is, where the love is.

Wherever I am or end up, I simply want to fill it with love.


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. It will really be okay… more than okay. I hope you’ve got some good shades, you’re gonna need ’em ; )

  2. I just got home from a trip and know exactly what you mean about feeling at loose ends after a trip. I always feel like I should come back refreshed and relaxed (like everyone else), but it’s like starting from scratch to reconnect with friends, create new to do lists, resume day-to-day responsibilities.

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