Join Me in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge #HAWMC

If you follow me on Twitter you might have caught me tweeting with the #HAWMC hashtag or retweeting messages including it. It may seem innocuous, but in fact it is quite exciting.

WEGO Health has begun a Writer’s Month Challenge for the 30 days of April filled with fun and funky writing prompts for any and all of us who write about health topics. If you think you are late, well, there’s no such thing. No one’s keeping time or track (well, accept for those who are counting posts for the contest) but seriously this is a great way to share your message with the world and participate in an amazing community of Health Activists. It doesn’t matter which topic you write about or how much of your time you spend writing about your topic, if you have a passion for a health issue, then you can join in!

Do I seem like I am trying to sell you something? Well, it’s only an invitation. I am having a lot of fun with it, I have posted all three days so far (whoohoo!) on my WEGO Health blog. The challenge is really attracting a lot of amazing activists to share on their own blogs and on the WEGO Health blogs as well. I am always impressed by those who are able to so creatively interject humor into their posts, it is a lot of fun to get some giggles in the midst of some very serious posts. You’ll find all kinds of perspectives being shared.

If you are interested, you can sign up right here. I would love to have you along on the journey and see you posting for HAWMC, too!

Tomorrow is Day 4, if you sign up you will get a list of the prompts and you can also find the prompt each day on the WEGO Health Blog as it rolls out the day’s inspiration.


11 thoughts on “Join Me in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge #HAWMC

  1. I just found out about it through Face Book. So, I’m doing one long post today incorporating April 1 through 3, then 4 (just because each exercise sounds like fun, rather than a need to complete 30 posts! I don’t tweet or twitter, and don’t really have a blog on WEGO, though I am a member. So, I’m going to do it on my blog. I’m not sure I’m a health activist, but I like the idea of making folks more aware of illnesses, invisible or visible.
    Thanks for blogging about the WEGO #HAWMAC for those of us who have stupid rather than smart phones!

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