An Interpretation of Me

I am catching up on the day I missed in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge on WEGO Health. Day #9 was Saturday and somehow other things took my attention. I thought I would address it here and now. All of my other posts for the challenge can be found over at WEGO Health on my blog there, but since we were given a “free day” I thought I would bring the party over here!

In addition to the free write pass they also gave a suggestion of joining in Voice in Recovery’s #stopselfhate April Self Love Letter Challenge, for those of us who like direction. I can’t think of much else better than joining in any effort of Voice in Recovery’s! So here I would like to share with you my self love letter…

I took some creative liberty and used Wordle to create my love letter. I tried to be as kind to myself as I could when picking my words. I chose some of these words because they are who I am at my core, some because they are who I am at my best, and others because I am working hard to believe that they represent me. I hope you like my “love letter”.

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