Sharing My Mindful Moment

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It’s Day 17 of WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and the prompt for today is to write a mindful moment, to live it and share it without making it all pretty, focused and edited. So, I’m going to share this moment with you, mindfully and forgive me it is nonsensical!

Curling toes into the soft cotton sheets. I’m in my writer’s pose, laptop on my lap, propped up on my thighs, I feel the burden of its weight and it’s warmth. My back and upper body sinking and supported by pillows, I am not comfy, but at ease. Most of my weight is lifted by pillows. It feels good under my arms and neck and head. I don’t have to use extra effort to hold those parts at attention.

Late afternoon sunlight is streaming through the blinds. It isn’t bright, but light and soft. The neutral tones in my bedroom seem in perfect harmony with the light today. I see some bright green blades of grass through the window where the blinds are slightly lifted. It makes me smile and I feel the corners of my mouth turn up. My eyes feel twinkly now and a little bit of peace fills my heart.

Sounds of children and the Wii being played are my background. Familiar sounds and pleasant as I know they are having fun. The dog is barking outside and I am slightly agitated. Such a shrill noise in comparison to the birds and other sounds of the outdoors. I think to myself, “she is happy barking at the birds and squirrels” and that helps ease my tension.

I am thinking about the pain in my back and the fear that it will persist. I can feel its presence even though it is not excruciating at the moment. I feel sad as I sit in that thought.

The refrigerator door just opened and closed. One of my children must have ventured for a drink, a capri sun most likely. I can imagine the cold drink satiating their thirst. And they chat, about the game they are playing and I love to hear my children talk nicely to one another.

I have become a little antsy, legs and feet are no longer relaxed but ready for me to get up and step away for a moment. It’s time to take a break from the computer.

I hope that was a good effort at being mindful! Typing each thing thought that I took notice of felt a bit of a distraction, but at the same time it helped to get in tune with what is going on around me and what I am feeling. There is a definite peace about paying attention to that very moment and the senses. When I am most distraught or even just down, it helps me to be more mindful of “the little things”.

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