Am I Oversharing? That’s Okay.

A huge part of who I am and what I write about involves divulging some pretty personal stuff. I’m certain there are people who have read this blog before and thought, “I can’t believe she just told that to the whole online world!” Believe me, there are times I think that too.

I often reflect on this and have to remind myself why I do it.

If telling you about the mental anguish I have experienced or am experiencing makes you uncomfortable, that’s okay. If explaining to you that I have experienced sexual assault makes you feel weird or nervous for me, that’s okay too. You may not like to read that I have been so depressed before that I attempted suicide and guess what, I don’t like it either. It may be really unpleasant to hear about the pain I have endured, you may even think I’m whining. And that is totally okay, too.

For every story I tell, there are thousands of others that are far worse than mine. There are people who have endured and experienced pains like none I can imagine. But there are also people who know experiences much like the ones I have had or are experiencing a trauma or a dark depression for the first time in their life; they may find comfort in what I have to say. Someone may have just received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and need to know that it can be very hard, but they can live life with it. There are people who know what it is like to live with fibromyalgia and chronic pain who help me by responding to my posts about living with this illness. There are people who stand up and say, we are not alone, all because I share. There are people who just feel comforted, as do I, to know that another person gets what it is like to face the challenges of anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-injury, etc. and for them I write. Even for those who have endured much worse, I write. I write to let them know that they have my support if they choose to speak out. I want them to know that I believe in them and that they can find healing.

Sometimes I ask myself… am I over-sharing? Did you really need to know that I was molested when I was 7 years old by an elderly man? Nope. You may not need to know that, but by putting that out here, maybe, just maybe, someone will say, “Me too, and it really changed me. It really had an effect on me that I can acknowledge now.” Who knows?

For all of these reasons and more I continue to spill it here for you… and for me. It is the best salve for my wounds. It helps me to know I am not alone, it helps me to know that if I can say it out loud then I can move through it and on to the good things in life. If I can share my struggles with you, then I can face them and I can choose to live free of them. Perhaps this is the greatest reason I write, after all, not that many people read this blog!

So it’s okay. It’s okay to over-share. Feel free to join me, there is no judgment here.


16 thoughts on “Am I Oversharing? That’s Okay.

  1. Great post explaining the process of how people can really connect with each other through blogs and other online avenues! I think that is part of why so many of us love you – you are truly honest about yourself and share so many things with us, unconditionally.

    • You are so uplifting and reassuring Felicia!
      I wrote this as I was reminding myself why I put it all out there, because it is scary sometimes, taking these risks. But I do want to be really honest, unconditionally (brutally when necessary) and I feel passionate about that. So I will keep on! And it is because of friendships like yours that I can continue to find the courage to do so.

  2. I think blogging with such honesty can really make a difference to other people. Being diagnosed with an illness, either mental or physical, can make people feel that they are isolated and alone. Blogs like yours go a long way to reducing that isolation. I personally find it’s the things that many people *don’t* talk about, that are probably the most important to hear. They might be sensitive or embarrassing, but there is a good chance someone else is going to feel the same, and that provides a great sense of reassurance. If someone feels uncomfortable with a particular post they can stop reading. That is the beauty of the internet. It can often be everything and anything you want.

    • Thank you Bec!

      You’re right, people can always choose to stop reading. I believe it is worth taking the chance that someone else might need to know they are not alone or that just putting it out there will be therapeutic for me. In this journey of blogging I always come back to, “it’s worth it”.

      Thank you for your support!

  3. No Amy, you’re not oversharing – not at all! You are courageously sharing your truth! Keep speaking! We need voices like yours!
    I support you fully!

  4. The ghost of our past will always haunt us. Denial will only make it worse. All locked up inside until the pain is no longer bearable. This is not the road to take for it will destroy all of us from within. Therefore unload all of the pain and suffering in seemingly simple but very liberating gesture. To blog. Let the world know what you feel. You don’t have to explain yourself. Just let it all out and let your healing process begin. I may not know you in person but my thoughts are with you. Stay honest and true for the truth will set all of us free.

    • Thank you… MutedScream79. I especially like that you said “you don’t have to explain yourself”! Thank you for reading and for encouraging me.

  5. I over-share as well, but I remain anonymous. You’re much stronger than I am. It takes courage to share this stuff with people, and even more to reveal your identity. Only some of my closest friends know about my site and that it belongs to me. Other than that, I’m anonymous to everyone else.

  6. Jennifer,
    I blog about breast cancer and surviving all that life throws at us. From time to time I wonder if I’ve gone too far, if readers are uncomfortable hearing about problems chemo caused with my sex life, or that I’ve been kidnapped or details of my husband’s death the day after this past Christmas. Just when I think I should write something more generic about “preventing nausea during chemo,” I get a comment on my blog that let’s me know someone out there has benefited from my words. I also remind myself that not every post is everyone’s cup of tea, so they have the option of not reading it.

    Brenda Coffee

  7. Gotta correct you on one little thing, girl. You said, “Do you need to know… Nope.” The fact is, someone out here, reading what you wrote, just might need to know that. 🙂 But then, that’s probably what you were getting at when you were saying that it might make someone feel not so alone.

    Great post. {hug}

  8. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who shares just about everything on her blog. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Fibro ON TOP of the skin disorder that I’ve had since birth. I’m slowly learning how to cope with both. It’s a struggle let me tell you.

    There is so much that I’ve been keeping to myself as I don’t want pity from people. I just want people to listen to me and realize that what they see on the outside isn’t necessarily what’s going on on the inside.

    Great blog!

  9. Amy,

    You’re not over-sharing. I’m voting with the other comments! The value of blogs like yours is that your honesty and willingness to share creates a space of safety for others who have walked through similar experiences. Please don’t stop sharing!!


  10. I appreciate the openness. Spill it! You’ll feel better and it will often help others to be able to talk about their own experiences.

    When I was in severe depression because my Meniere’s Disease had a harsh grip on my life, I wrote about it. I was amazed at the out pouring of emotion from others. I heard so many stories of how others had felt the same. The support that I got from my blog readers helped bring me out of the depths of hell.

    Continue to share! It’s not just good for you, it’s good for others too.

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