Thank You for Second Chances

How often do you feel like you have missed the boat or missed your chance at something? I know for me, I can feel this way all too often.

There are so many weekends or days of the weekend that I feel like I have missed my chance to have good family time with my kids or the chance to get out and enjoy life because I am so tired from the previous week. I use a lot of energy just to make it through the week, (I know most of us do) and when the weekend comes around I feel depleted. All too often, I end up not “living” the way I would like to, perhaps too much time spent napping or taking care of household chores or just not feeling motivated.

I can get really sad when I feel like I have lost my chance, like I have missed moments that can never be regained. And the reality is, that is true. I can’t get those moments back. But instead of spending my time moping I have to remind myself that next weekend I will get another chance and that there are still moments in this day to make the most of. Too much time can be spent wishing for a second chance rather than living in the moment we have right now.

I felt sad today, about this stuff and about some other things in my life currently, but I finally ended up saying to myself, “Enough of feeling sad for today!” And I chose to do what I could and live in the moment of second chances, making the best of the time I have left in the weekend. It’s not that I lost the whole weekend to feeling bad, but today I missed most of it and it was especially pretty outside. It was one of those days that screamed “live” and I didn’t feel like I was living.

So tonight, I am taking life up on it’s second chances and living the moments fully, being fully aware of the sounds and scents that I surround myself with, treasuring things like the setting sunlight peeking through the fall leaves in the tree and the blinds in my kitchen. I smell the aroma of meatloaf in the oven that I prepared and see the glimmer of candlelight in my living room. Jason Mraz’s latest CD plays in my stereo, serenading me. I have designated time after dinner for family game time. I am embracing these moments.

I am always grateful for second chances. Some things we can’t get back, but still, we have this moment and this day. And we have the chance to live it beautifully.

5 thoughts on “Thank You for Second Chances

  1. Thanks for this post – I very much relate to how you’re feeling at the moment, and it’s good to know that we’re not isolated creatures. Even in the midst of our struggles with disabling health problems, I keep reminding myself that it is possible to make different choices in each moment, and that just because I might have had a terrible day yesterday, doesn’t mean that today has to be the same. I’m learning to find joy in the small things, because when I add them all together it makes quite a big ‘something’ for which to be grateful.

    • Sara,
      I could not have said it better about finding joy in the small things! Thank you so much for visiting and for sharing. It is so great to know when others relate to what I am saying, too. Hope your day is filled with wonderful moments. -Amy

  2. Great that even in the sadness you still look for joy. That is truthfully what we must do each and everyday. I know Sadness comes and sometimes it hits so hard we just have to keep searching for joy again. Which I commend you for doing with life’s challenges!!


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