Secrets Shared: World Mental Health Day 2012

I blog for World Mental Health Day


It’s World Mental Health Day today and for me that means that not much is different except that I am extra inspired and energized to keep sharing and putting myself out there in an effort to help people discuss mental health topics.

It’s a normal day of work and the busy single mama schedule. Life continues whether I participate or not. But, lucky for me, I had already written and submitted a blog post to WEGO Health for the Tough Stuff theme this month. With a great sense of serendipity, the post was published today… on World Mental Health Day!

This post is special and scary for me, not this one, but this one, the one over at WEGO Health, called “Learning to be Okay“. I have only written one other time about the subject matter in that post (self-harm) and I am fearful of posting about it again. But no matter what, it is the truth, it’s part of me and a part of what has made me into the person I am today. It is an important topic related to mental health and can’t be ignored. We can try to cover it up but it only hurts others by doing so… it only brings more sadness to the many who suffer in silence and shame.

Help me support the thousands of people who hold secrets too close and feel great pain because of it? Help me to let the world know that it is okay to talk about really tough stuff? You can do this by sharing my post (either this one or the one at WEGO Health) and by sharing the message with your friends, loved ones and communities that you don’t judge people because of their struggles. All people, yep, all people, deserve love and kindness and help when they are hurting.

Thank you from my heart.


2 thoughts on “Secrets Shared: World Mental Health Day 2012

  1. Thanks for the post!
    I’ve started a campaign to help young adults especially university students to educate them on how alcohol abuse may effect their mental health. Going through a mental illness is tough, and I speak from experience, it’s hard when you know you have a quick fix of alcohol there to save you. Please come and support our first step into telling young people about the truth about binge drinking and its consequences.

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