This Is Strange #NHBPM Day 2


The prompt I selected for day 2 of National Health Blog Posting Month is “What is the weirdest thing about my health?” Living with chronic illness like fibromyalgia can feel pretty weird at times and is also often seen as “weird” by outsiders and even physicians because it is so widely misunderstood. It was a no-brainer for me to pick this topic. I have more than one strange thing to share with you, so if you are here, you might as well read on…

Weird Thing #1

Me. A lot of people think that you are automatically weird if you have fibromyalgia. There is a lot of speculation that fibromyalgia is “psychosomatic” and that only people who are attention seeking and/or a hypochondriac are given this diagnosis. While I may have my share of challenges, and I am uniquely me, my pain is very real. There is just no doubt about it, I feel it, just like you would feel it if someone poked you with something sharp. Simply stated, I am not making this up. (Really, why would someone make up pain anyway?) And for the record, there are all kinds of studies that now show that people diagnosed with fibro are experiencing pain at higher levels than those without. (please excuse my lack of source citing here, I’m in a hurry) So, call me weird, call me crazy, call me what you want, that doesn’t change the fact that I live with this health condition. Besides, my daughter says that being weird is awesome.

Weird Thing #2

Fibromyalgia. What a strange and bizarre “syndrome” this is… it isn’t even called a disease, it has no cure and no one even really knows what the mechanisms are behind it. Essentially, it is a collection of symptoms that wreak havoc and misery (at times) on the lives of those living with it. The most common symptom is pain and second to the often widespread pain is fatigue, but the list goes on (IBS, migraines, sensitivity to light, cold, heat and noise, etc.). The weirdness of it is how hard it is to explain and how hard it can be to treat, not to mention the difficulty in finding relief.

Weird Thing #3

My Strangest Symptoms. This post would not be complete without the mention of what I find to be one of my strangest symptoms. When I am having a “flare” I find myself experiencing some weird “neurological” symptoms, for lack of a better description, one of which is that one of my ears or sometimes both will get very hot in sensation and to the touch (you would be able to feel it and see the redness if you were standing next to me). It is uncomfortable and well, uh, weird. It may last a few minutes or an hour or more. I will also on occasion get a burning sensation down the back of my arm and it is as if you could trace the exact line that this sensation is following, and it hurts, pretty badly when it happens. It doesn’t last very long, thank goodness. It’s just odd.

That’s what’s weird about my health/health condition. What’s weird about yours? =)


9 thoughts on “This Is Strange #NHBPM Day 2

  1. I understand! My weirdest thing…in 2000….my big toes and my pointer fingers would LIGHT UP BRIGHT RED and then pain so bad i was not able to walk. I felt like a freak…finally saw the doctor….and finally was diagnosied with RA.

  2. I had no idea what your condition mean’t until now. Having people doubt something your feeling would be get depressing at times! I’m sorry you have to go through these things. *hug*
    I have too many weird things to mention! *laughing* sometimes my whole personality is just weird! Lol..Paula x

  3. Recently, when I was going though a particularly rough major depressive episode I couldn’t listen to music. This had never happened to me before; it was really weird, like I felt disgusted by it. My therapist said that it probably had something to do with the fact that I play music (piano) and that I had probably just “burnt out” my sense of sound (whatever that means). Anyway, thank you for sharing your personal experiences with fibromyalgia. You seem to be coping very well with a condition that, quite frankly, sounds horrible. Best wishes, emily.

  4. I really commend you for blogging about your health like this. I feel like I hardly know anything fibromyalgia, except for what I occasionally hear on commercials about medications. It’s very brave of you to share 🙂

  5. Occasionally the vision in my eye(s) is really blurry. It usually lasts 4 to 8 hours. There are so many strange symptoms Fibromyalgia causes, I could go on and on. Fibro is such a misunderstood diagnosis. Your life can unexpectedly change overnight. I am very thankful to have found your blog, keep up the good work!

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